Moving and Cleaning Companies in Switzerland: Local and First-Rate

Switzerland enjoys a special status in other countries: small, traditional, expensive and neutral but still with the ability to compete internationally. People moving around in Switzerland know that it’s often difficult to find a good apartment with manageable costs. However, the cantons differ quite a lot if one compares rental costs and moving rates. Therefore, if you plan to move in Switzerland, it pays off to trust moving companies and cleaning companies with local expertise.


The picture shows a map of Switzerland. The cantons with different colors show the moving rates in every canton.

The moving rates are different in the cantons in Switzerland


Top Positions for Switzerland

For seven years, Switzerland has been occupying position one of the most competitive countries according to the World Economic Forum. This is mostly due to the support of innovation, the infrastructure, a flexible job market, the education system as well as other criteria. Even though Switzerland is one of the smallest countries in the world, it can assert itself against giants like the US and Germany, who place third and fourth. Switzerland also counts as the happiest country and one of the most respected countries. However, there’s also a negative position: Switzerland is the second most expensive country. Only the Bermuda Islands have even higher living costs.

People in Switzerland encounter high prices daily and good quality products cost even more. Due to high demands and low vacancy rates, rental prices have been steadily increasing over the last years, especially in big cities. After finally succeeding in finding a new apartment, moving is often more strenuous and expensive than expected. Not only does one have to think of a redirection order, the address change, the moving company or a moving truck and the packing of moving boxes – one also moves to a new home and a new neighborhood, which can lead to additional emotional stress.


Local Differences

Even though Switzerland isn’t a big country, the cantons and cities are very individual and there are differences regarding mentality, languages, traffic and prices. If you’re looking for a local moving company or a cleaning company, that knows the area you’re moving to, MOVU is the ideal partner. We work with more than 80 certified moving and cleaning companies in Switzerland and offer you a free service.

Are you moving to a big city like Geneva or maybe a smaller district like Thalwil? No problem, MOVU helps you to find the best local solution.

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Moving with MOVU

MOVU relieves you from any stress during the move and the final cleaning and also ensures, that everything is safe, insured and transparent. All you need to do is fill in the inquiry and inventory form. Within one workday you will receive 5 price-offers from certified moving and cleaning companies. The price is always a fixed price. This way, you don’t have to pay more if the company takes more time than expected. Also, because you receive 5 offers from different companies, you can assess the market prices and choose the most suitable company.

If you have any questions, our Move Captains are by your side and will accompany you throughout the whole journey. If you need moving boxes, you can order them in our shop. They will be delivered to your home within 48 hours. If you have general questions about the move, how to pack boxes and so on you can find a lot of information in our blog.