All the tools you need for the relocation: A checklist

You’re in the middle of the move and suddenly need a hammer. But where do you get it from? Of course you can just ask your new neighbors. However, we compiled a checklist, so that you don’t need to search for the tools when you need them during the relocation. With our checklist, you can just prepare all the tools, put them in a box and keep them at hand on day X.

tools for the relocation

Tools make many tasks easier during the relocation

The most important tools

One of these important tools is certainly the drilling machine. Be it just to drill a hole for the new picture in the living room or for the closet that needs to be secured. A carpet knife is also good to have with you on the day of your move. A cordless screwdriver is also an advantage, especially if you have to screw a lot of furniture together.

The toolbox

Different screwdrivers: These are certainly an advantage when it comes to assembling the furniture. A hammer is necessary to hit the nails on the head and a spirit level to see if the pictures are hanging properly on the wall. Also prepare a universal knife, simply in case of need. And there’s no doubt that you won’t do anything wrong with a drilling set.

Further equipment

Pack some tape. You will most likely need it. It is also recommended to pack a pair of scissors. The tape measure is also an important tool. Screws and dowels should also be part of the toolbox.

With all this material you should be well prepared for your move. In our guide you will find, among other things, tips on where to get moving boxes or how to calculate the costs for the move.

Get the free checklist:

Do you want a simple checklist for all the tools you need for your move? No problem, the PDF checklist is available here.

Download PDF Checklist


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