You’ve brightened our days at MOVU, we’ve loved you! There’s never a dull moment in customer service and it’s always a treat to hear the unlikely stories of some of our customers. We thank our customers for their trust and  their incredible moves sometimes and our colleagues for sharing with us at the coffee machine. Today, we share with you the best of our MOVU moving stories!

two girls laughing on a bench


This is by far our favorite story at MOVU. A move from Zürich to Ticino for a young woman is planned. On the day of the move, the movers who had just arrived at our client’s current home called us: the young woman had apparently celebrated a little too much. “She opened the door for us and went back to bed,” the team leader tells us. Once almost all the furniture was loaded, the team had to try to wake her up for the umpteenth time: “Madam, we really have to wake you up, we have to load the bed now!”

We hope she recovered well from her evening departure under the Ticino sun.

May the strength be with the movers

Our moving teams are great when it comes to lifting heavy furniture! Empty furniture, on the other hand, is still better, especially when it’s a two-meter wide bookcase. A thought to our movers who sometimes have to rethink their organization on the day of the move.

Otherwise, at MOVU, we offer the option of packing the boxes.

A move that must have been expensive

It’s the day of a move for one of our customers. When the MOVU moving company arrives, they realize another removal company is present on the spot.

Our client had booked two companies on two different platforms. At least they were not short of hands!

50 shades of boxes

We organized once the move of a famous sex-shop brand employee. The joy of the movers when they were mandated to pack dozens of sex toys. “Hey David, how do you use this thing?”

Bad luck!

A move is already stressful and requires a lot of organization, but when misfortune joins the move, the situation can be very difficult fort the person moving.

We remember the customer who had booked a move because she had a leg in plaster. It is this same customer who called us the day before her move because she underwent a water damage.

We sincerely hope someone broke the spell on you since.


Our customer service sometimes makes beautiful discoveries concerning the inventories to be transported and it is not rare to have particular requests. On this day, our team discovered the following list:

  • 4 elephants
  • 6 monkeys: monkeys are very aggressive, please mention this to the companies
  • 2 giraffes
  • 10 turtles

We love animals but we prefer to leave the transfer of animals from zoos, especially aggressive monkeys, in the hands of experts of our animal friends.

The reptile whisperer

At MOVU, we love animals. When a client calls to move her terrarium, we are happy to arrange transportation. We didn’t anticipate that she would also want us to move the lizard. So much fun in the open space when our colleague on the phone clarified to her: “Madam, it is with pleasure that we will protect and transport your terrarium, on the other hand the lizard it is not possible, you will have to take it with you.”

“I forgot the elephant”

One of our MOVU agent once asked a customer
– “Did you think of everything when you entered your inventory? ”
– “I forgot the elephant! ”
– “What do you mean the elephant? ”

Yes yes, a magnificent stone elephant of 200 kilos. No problem for our teams, but we will still need an extra mover and straps, lots of straps…