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    In order to compile your offers, we need information about your current and new home.

    You can submit your inventory online, with an existing list or with pictures & videos.

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    You‘ll be notified via email as soon as the five quotes arrived.

    You’ll get access to a clear overview of all quotes.

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    Compare the five quotes, read customer reviews or get phone consultation by a Move Captain.

    You can book your favourite company directly online. You can choose between several payment options.

  • Enjoy your move

    After the booking, the company will contact you to clarify the last details.

    Thereafter you can stay relaxed and look forward to your move.

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Happiness Guarantee for your move MOVU offers you a unique package for a stress-free move

  • MOVEasy insurance

    A unique removal insurance. Your inventory will be insured at replacement value.

  • Legal advice

    Free access to the legal advice by Beobachter. Get answers to legal questions about your move and other topics.

  • Independent experts

    Free of charge consultancy by the removal experts of MOVU - the Move Captains.

  • Transparent & comparable

    Customer reviews and standardized quotes simplify the selection of the right company.

  • Fair quotes of
    certified companies

    Fixed price quotes prevent hidden extra charges. Each company is certified, insured and has a high quality standard.

  • Savings package worth
    over CHF 1000.-

    Exclusive vouchers and savings will decrease your removal costs.

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Customers reviews

  • “Five offers in no time, competent guidance and straightforward booking. I can only recommend the service.”
    Cédric from Basel

  • “The service is very user-­friendly and the prices are fair. The moving company did an excellent job.”
    Andrea from Zürich

  • “I had a hassle-­free relocation. Many thanks to the lovely Move Captains who helped me to choose the right company.”
    Jenny from Geneva

Checklists for a stress free move

Everything at a Glance - Organize your move

Moving checklist

We provide you with the best moving checklist you can find on the web. Get an overview of all the things you need to do, start right away and tick off the boxes.

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Handover checklist

Your checklist for a fast and smooth apartment handover. Simply download, set the check marks and move on.

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Moving Guide

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    People often ask how much a move out cleaning including a handover guarantee will cost. However, calculating the costs for the move out cleaning isn’t that easy, as various factors have to be considered. Therefore, there is no simple answer to this question

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  • Bye bye apartment: Possibilities to store your furniture

    You’re about to start an internship abroad or in a different city? Or you’re planning to travel the world for a couple or months? What will happen with your apartment? If neither you nor your landlord have a problem with it, you can sublease your apartment

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  • No possibility for chaos: Life hacks for the relocation

    In most cases something goes wrong: even with the best preparation, chaos and bad luck can’t be avoided. Most of the time, however, those problems can be resolved without much effort or special tools. Read here how ice cubes, rubber bands, plastic wrap and

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