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The city of Lausanne is situated high above the Lake of Geneva and the location allows a fantastic view of the Savoy alps across the lake. The city has quite a bit of the Olympic spirit – The International Olympic committee and the Olympic museum are both situated in Lausanne. The president of the committee initiated the construction of the museum and the Olympic torches can be viewed there. All in all, Lausanne is quite engaged in sports and the large number of international sports associations also aids to that.



While we from MOVU support sports, we also think that there’s one thing where you’re allowed to be a bit lazy: The final cleaning of the apartment. Did you know that every single slat of the shutters has to be cleaned? How much dirt do you think has been accumulated in the kitchen ventilation? And what about the cellar? Obviously, cleaning is part of everyday life. However, for the final cleaning, a lot more details have to be considered. One should calculate more than 20 working hours to clean a 4-room apartment. Sounds like too much work, especially if you’re not even sure whether the landlord will take over the apartment, doesn’t it? Our tip: Let a professional cleaning company take care of the final cleaning and make sure they always offer the handover guarantee. That way, you don’t need to worry about the apartment handover. By the way, all our companies always offer the handover guarantee. So, while a cleaning company takes care of the final cleaning, you could instead enjoy some traditional Vaud meals or enjoy the first days in the new apartment.



The only metro in Switzerland is in Lausanne. You can use it to get from the city center to the lake real fast. Enjoy a walk at the lake or in the old town with the cathedral Notre-Dame before the move or buy some bits and pieces at the market on Place de Riponne. Want to go shopping one last time? Then visit the Rue de Bourg. Maybe you will find the one missing accessory for the new apartment you were looking for. By the way, if you book a cleaning company with MOVU, you’ll receive coupons and deals for furniture stores, online shops and a lot more. Start an easy and uncomplicated inquiry now. Because of our tried and tested questionnaire, the cleaning companies can estimate the effort exactly and within hours, they can send you offers with fix prices. You can compare those online and book your favorite with just a few clicks. So, start an inquiry now.

Education and Growth

Statistics of apartments in Lausanne and average number of people living in an apartment.
The number of apartments increased since 1980 while the average of people living in one apartment didn't

Several prestigious education institutions are located in Lausanne and are the reason for young people moving there. The University and the ETHL both enjoy an excellent reputation. Over 25’000 students are studying there. Also, the IMD, one of the best business schools worldwide, and the Ecole hôtelière, the best in its field, are situated in Lausanne. With more than 140’000 inhabitants, Lausanne is the fourth biggest city in Switzerland. First traces of settlement can be traced back to the fourth millennium BC. MOVU can only be traced back to the year 2014. However, in these few years, we managed to grow a lot and managed to establish ourselves as the biggest moving and cleaning platform in Switzerland. With more than 25 employees and over 35’000 processed customer inquiries, we can guarantee the functionality and comfort of our service. Start an inquiry now and convince yourself.


Are you moving away from Lausanne or within the city? Western Swiss people are known for taking a more relaxed and less hasty approach to life. People like to enjoy a glass of wine from the Lavaux vineyards, which are part of the UNESCO world heritage. Try to take it easy during the time of the move. Stress strains the nerves but moving can be relaxed with structured planning. Get our moving checklist (at the bottom of the page) and also benefit from our Move Captains, our customer advisors. Do you have any questions about the offers, about the move or the cleaning company? No problem, we’re here for you and wish, that your apartment cleaning will go smoothly and successfully.

This is the Final Countdown… For the Cleaning

  1. Le Flon – How about a trip to the former industry district? Here you can find awesome restaurants and hip bars. If you’re moving away from Lausanne, the district is surely worth one last visit.
  2. Party? – Do you like to party on the weekends until the early morning hours? The Mad Club is one of the best-known clubs in Switzerland and allows partying on five floors.
  3. Museums are boring? – If you never visited the Olympic museum during your stay in Lausanne, it’s definitely worth a visit before the final cleaning of the apartment.
  4. Ouchy – The promenade is perfect for a short trip or romantic walks. You can perfectly combine it with a meal at the Créperie d’Ouchy.
  5. Lavaux vineyards – The vineyards are between Lausanne and Montreux and are perfect for a long hike – it’s best combined with a wine tasting at the end.