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Zug, the city at the lake


Zug is one of the smallest cantons in Switzerland, however, it is also one of the wealthiest. With a population density of 511 people per square kilometer, moves and final cleanings are part of everyday life. The moving rate in Zug is very high and comes close to the one in Zurich. Are you planning your move and need an offer for the final cleaning? Are you tired of coordinating several house visits and want to know instead, how much the cleaning will cost right away? No problem. Start an inquiry, fill in the questionnaire and get 5 price offers from certified cleaning companies – all within one workday. You can compare the cleaning companies and the prices online, you get to read hundreds of customer ratings and can easily decide, which cleaning company suits you the best.



Zug is especially known for its “Zuger Chriesi”, the local cherries. More than 44’000 cherry trees are in the city and in the spring, the city transforms into a sea of white and rose blossoming cherry trees. The cherries are processed into unique drinks and meals. It’s definitely worth trying the cherry-sausage and the cherry-beer, even if one doesn’t really like fruity beer. Are you planning your move within Zug or to another city? In that case, you should enjoy the local specialties once more before the apartment handover.



In Zug, there’s an interesting mix of tradition and modernity. Large corporations next to familiar companies, cherry farmers next to business people, traditional events next to rock-concerts. We from MOVU also are a somewhat interesting mix. We’re a young company with 25 employees and a very young average age of 27 years. However, through technical innovation we could assert ourselves in the moving and cleaning market and are now working together with over 80 moving and cleaning companies. Since 2014 we already accompanied 10’000 final cleanings and moves and wish that your apartment cleaning also goes smoothly. Start an inquiry now and get 5 free offers and benefit from our youth and flexibility.

Large Corporations in a Small Canton

Graphic of the number of different motor vehicles in Zug
Especially the number of cars and motorcycles increased in Zug during the last years

Almost 30’000 people live in Zug and with the growing population, every year there are 700 to 1’000 new apartments. This above average growth of 14% can be explained by several factors. One certainly is, that Zug counts as a tax haven. The headquarters of many large corporations like Nestlé and V-Zug AG are located in Zug and are some of the biggest employers in the region.


The large corporations also attract people from abroad. More than 3’000 people move to Zug from abroad, while only about 2’000 people move away. If you’re moving within the city or away from the city, you’re one of those thousands of people moving in Zug every year. Moves and final cleanings are part of everyday life. In order for you to be completely relaxed during the move and the apartment handover, start an inquiry now and receive 5 offers from certified cleaning companies. To be on the absolute safe side, we have several requirements for our cleaning companies: They need to be entered in the trade register, the need to guarantee the handover with every final cleaning and they always offer fixed prices. That way, you don’t have to worry about the apartment handover and can instead look forward to your new apartment.

Don’t Neglect These Things Before the Final Cleaning:

  1. Sign off – When moving, one has to consider quite a few things: sign offs, cable connection, re-registration of cars etc. You don’t want to forget anything? Then download our checklist for the move and the checklist for the apartment handover below.
  2. Shopping – Want to go shopping once more before the final cleaning? In that case the shopping street of Zug or the old town are perfect for a shopping tour.
  3. Under water – If you didn’t explore the underwater world of the Lake of Zug during your stay in the city, now’s the time for it. At the “Rössliwiese” stairs will lead you under the lake’s surface.
  4. Farewell party – Your friends are probably looking forward to your housewarming party. However, if you enjoy the party scene, one last visit to the Lounge & Gallery, the biggest club in Zug, might be worth a visit.
  5. Traffic – The number of motor vehicles increases every year, especially the number of cars and motorcycles. During rush hours, the streets are sometimes jammed. With a ZVB ticked, you’re on the safe side.