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St.Gallen is known for its University of Economics, also known as the HSG. The University of St.Gallen is one of the leading Universities in Europe and stands for a high standard of quality and allows highest performances in teaching and research. We from MOVU also have high standards and a similar promise of performance. We only give you offers from elite-cleaning companies. We work with several cleaning companies in the eastern part of Switzerland that are all tested for their quality. The companies are present during the apartment handover and always offer the handover guarantee. That way, you can be sure, that everything will go smoothly during the handover. You only need to fill in an inquiry and within the shortest of time, you will receive the best and most cost-effective offers from cleaning services from your region. Leave stress to HSG-students, book your cleaning service via MOVU and enjoy a stress-free apartment handover.



St.Gallen is one of the quieter places in Switzerland and offers several recreational opportunities in the nature. We from MOVU also want you to have a relaxed move and final cleaning, and want to make our service as easy and uncomplicated but safe as possible. That’s why a single inquiry, where you fill in our tried and tested questionnaire, is enough. The cleaning companies can properly estimate how long the cleaning will take and the prices you get are all fixed prices. This fixed price guarantee makes sure, that you only pay the agreed-on price, even if the cleaning takes a bit longer than expected. Also, should the cleaning company suddenly be unable to be there, you get another company for the same price on the same day. On top of that, all our partner companies are tested for their quality and promise the handover guarantee. If you need any help comparing the offers and choosing a cleaning company, our Move Captains are available and help you with valuable tips. Start an inquiry now, lean back and enjoy the last days in your home in St.Gallen.

St.Gallen Stands for Diversity

Statistic of Living Environment of people in St.Gallen and Switzerland


St.Gallen is between the Lake Constance and the Swiss Alps and is the eighth biggest city in Switzerland. Almost 80’000 people live here and it’s especially popular with young people. With its University and other higher education institutions, important educational institutions are located in the city, which is why 20 to 29 year olds like to move to St.Gallen. But the city is also popular for families. As the statistic shows, it’s important for Swiss people that they live close to nature and that is certainly the case in St.Gallen. Low rent and the diverse cultural programs are also good arguments for a move to St.Gallen. The biggest events are certainly the OLMA, the OFFA and the Openair St.Gallen, where thousands of people join the festivities.



Are you moving away from St.Gallen? Or are you planning to move within the city? We from MOVU are happy that you found a suitable new apartment and love to accompany you during the move and the apartment cleaning. Instead of taking care of the final cleaning yourself, we recommend you to leave it to our professional partners. With our cleaning services, you can be sure that the apartment handover won’t be a problem and you can look forward to the new apartment. Start a free and non-binding inquiry and look forward to a stress-free final cleaning.

Enjoy St.Gallen Before the Move

  1. Are you moving away from St.Gallen? In that case, you should enjoy the beautiful old town with its unique “Erststockbeizli” once more. Enjoy the traditional cuisine with a good glass of wine.
  2. Are you moving to a more rustic area in St.Gallen? No worries, the short routes to the city are what makes St.Gallen a popular living area.
  3. The “Drei Weihern”, the local recreation area is a wonderful place for relaxation every time of the year.
  4. Did you ever do a St.Gallen city tour? The city walk through the old town and the Abbey is impressive, even for people living there.
  5. Don’t miss the traditional fairs in spring and fall and visit the OFFA and OLMA, even if you live a bit further away.