Cleaning windows is in many ways a horror. Yet, windows must be cleaned now and then, so that you can look outside again. It’d be a shame to miss the beautiful view, wouldn’t it? At the latest when handing over the apartment, the windows should be sparkling clean. Cleaning the windows doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow our guide. Who knows, maybe you’ll even enjoy doing it.

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The Right Time to Clean Windows

It’s obvious that rainy days might not be the best time to clean your windows. We don’t recommend you to do it on a hot day either, because the window cleanser will dry up very quickly and it’d leave streaks, which would be a drag to remove it afterwards. And all of that in staggering height – we don’t want to think about what it might lead to. For this reason, you should never challenge the sun!

The best time to clean your windows is on sunny or cloudy days, but not on too hot ones. It should not rain or storm because it would be rather sub optional.

The Right Cleaning Agent

For an inexpensive cleaning agent, we recommend dishwashing detergent — yes, the same product that you use for washing the dishes — and a rag, such as a microfiber or a sponge. Just mix one or two splashes of washing-up liquid in a bucket of water, and you have your window cleanser ready.

As window cleanser, you can also use vinegar, which is much more environment-friendly. Vinegar also doesn’t cost much and it’s very suitable to get rid of streaks. Here again, take a bucket of water and squirt a gush of vinegar, and in a blink of an eye you made your fantastic window cleanser.

Of course, you can also buy a real window cleanser, however, it will cost you more and it’s not as environment-friendly.

The Right Approach

Window frames

Start with the window frames. The best way is to scrub with a sponge. You can absorb the dropping liquid by wiping the frame with your other hand. You can also skip this additional step but you might risk flooding your apartment. We don’t want you to walk around in puddles. Thus, it’s recommended to somehow absorb the liquid from cleaning the windows. Don’t forget that the frame has a top and a bottom which can get especially dirty. Scrub them nicely too.

Change Water

After scrubbing the window frames, it’s high time to change the water. You can remove yourself from that hated and dirty window for now. Yay! Rinse the bucket, add new cleaning agent, and go back to work!


Let’s move on to the glass. First of all, get it wet with your sponge, rag, towel or whatever, and then remove it with the puller. That’s the rubber blade that glass door owners also use in their shower. At least most of the time. Then, dry it up and done!

One tip is to clean on one side of the window, e.g. the outer side, from top to bottom, and on the other side from right to left. In this way, you’ll know which side you’ll need to go over again.

Proper Safety

When it comes to window cleaning, safety is the most important part. If you intend to use a ladder, you should make sure that it’s in good condition. Everything that can be done on the ground, should be done on there, because it avoids potential accidents occurred by disorientation in dizzying height. Don’t lean too far out and if possible, you should provide an assistant who can hold your ladder or chair. If you don’t want to clean the windows by standing in that height, you can also take a mop — preferably one with an adjustable joint— and attach a washrag to it. Then span a dried towel to dry everything.

Are you still reading or are you cleaning your windows already?