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City Aarau

The former capital of Switzerland

Did you know that Aarau was the capital of Switzerland in 1798?  The city is situated on the river Aare and is embedded in the landscape of the Jura-Südfuss. Aarau is the capital of the Canton of Aargau and is considered an “insider tip” for those interested in culture, connoisseurs and those eager to explore. The city is not too big, but nevertheless very well situated and rich in culture.


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The city of Aarau has a lot to offer its inhabitants. The old town of Aarau is car-free, allowing you to explore the shops, historical buildings, cafés, and restaurants without being disturbed.


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How Napoleon influenced Aarau

Aarau offers the highest quality of life and all generations benefit from a multi-faceted range of leisure and cultural activities. Surprisingly, Napoleon ordered the merger of the cantons of Aargau, Baden, and Fricktal in 1803. Aarau has remained the capital of the enlarged canton to this day.


Another famous person who went to school in Aarau was Albert Einstein. The school building is now called the Albert Einstein House.

Furthermore, the oldest non-church grammar school is located in Aarau. With this achievement, Aarau shows that it developed early on into the intellectual and cultural center of the canton.


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Beautiful places in Aarau

  1. Altstadt Aarau – The old town of Aarau attracts with many sights. For an expert guide, you can join one of the many guided tours and explore the hidden treasures of the city.
  2. Meyersche Stollen – In Aarau, there is also a lot to explore underground. A fascinating system of corridors, rooms, and shafts has been in existence underground for over 200 years
  3. Roggenhausen Wildlife Park – In the Roggenhausen Wildlife Park in the western part of the city, you can observe deer, steenbok, rabbits, ponies, etc. at close range. The one just outside the gates of Aarau has been one of the most popular destinations in the region for over 100 years.
  4. Naturama Aarau – The Naturama in Aarau is one of the most modern nature museums in Switzerland. It is an eventful experience and offers insight into the local nature of the past, present and forecast of the future
  5. Aargauer Kunsthaus – The Aargauer Kunsthaus exhibits some of the most beautiful and comprehensive works of Swiss art from the 18th century onwards, as well as contemporary works.