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The move to Aarau is coming up? Here you will receive 5 non-binding offers from local and quality-tested relocation companies. Compare the moving companies online and book your favorites directly with MOVU. Benefit additionally from the customer feedbacks and enjoy a safe move in Aarau.

Customer reviews

  • "TEverything tip top - from communication to execution of the move to flexibility for spontaneous customer requests. Thank you very much!"


    Nadja, Aarau

  • "Thanks to the whole team. I am delighted"


    Thomas, Sins

  • "100% satisfaction"


    Silvia, Muri

  • "Very nice and friendly, punctual and speedy"


    Gerry, Frick

  • "Summary: Very good value for the money!"


    Nuno, Aarau

  • "The three trucks were each overloaded by one ton each and promptly entered a police checkpoint, so they were three hours late. Otherwise tiptop, very friendly and everything arrived undamaged."


    Daniel, Aarau

  • "Excellent cleaning. Even the parquet looked like new. Thanks a lot!"


    Carolle, Aarau

  • "Very efficient and fast. Also a fun group."


    Oxana, Aarau

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Mastering the move to Aarau with MOVU


The city of Aarau, situated on the idyllic Aare, embedded in the wonderful landscape of the “Jura-Südfuss”, was the capital of Switzerland in 1798 with the first Bundeshaus. The exciting blend of tradition and innovation makes Aarau an insider’s tip for discoverers, enjoyers, culture lovers, shoppers, and business people.

As the city of Aarau, MOVU is also a “secret tip” if you don’t want to go on searching for a high-quality and inexpensive moving company. On MOVU you receive freely 5 offers of examined removal companies from Switzerland and can compare these completely simply from home. With MOVU you can enjoy a carefree move and save time and money.


The city center of Aarau is characterized by a combination of historical and modern buildings and attracts numerous visitors every year. The old town is closed to motorized traffic so as not to disturb visitors when exploring the city. The access is therefore not possible for residents and visitors of the old town.

For a move, an access road is however indispensable and must be announced therefore with the police. MOVU AG and the reserved moving company will be happy to assist you with organizational matters and thus ensure a stress-free move. Don’t doubt and let your personal MOVU Move Captain advise and support you.


As a traditional market town, the city of Aarau has a lot to offer both for every day and very special needs. In the center of Aarau, there are numerous restaurants, bars, and clubs, which invite you to spend an afternoon or evening with friends and family.

As the city of Aarau, MOVU AG also offers a wide range of services and products. The offers range from a do-it-yourself package with a rental car to an all-round parade with construction and dismantling services. The offers of MOVU AG are also individually adaptable. Our Move Captains will be happy to advise you and find the optimal removal company for you in your region. Enjoy your move with MOVU!

Professionalism, care, and experience

With a good 20,600 inhabitants (as of 2015), the city of Aarau is still the most populous city in the canton. As the population increases, so does the demand for living space, which is reflected in the number of new buildings. A large proportion of these new buildings are apartment buildings, with the district of Aarau having the highest percentage of buildings.

Statistics of newly built housing divided by type of apartment among districts in Aargau.

Moving into an apartment building is not child’s play. Transporting the furniture through the stairwell can be very tedious and it is not uncommon for furniture to break. For this reason, we recommend that you leave this work to the professionals and start a request on MOVU. Our moving companies are specialists in this field and master every challenge with the highest care.

In order to avoid damage, your furniture is packed in blankets and foils and secured with belts during transport. In addition, damage caused during a move with MOVU AG is covered by the transport and liability insurance of our partners. On request, additional insurance can be taken out to cover the replacement value of the furniture.

With over 40,000 processed customer inquiries (as of February 2017), MOVU has been Switzerland’s largest relocation portal since the beginning of 2015. A not insignificant part of the requests comes from the city of Aarau and the surrounding agglomeration. Together with local partners, we can ensure that the 5 free offers also include offers from moving companies from the region. With the help of a professional moving company, you have more time to plan your move.

According to the latest annual report, there were a total of 2,189 moves and 1,924 departures in 2015. Thus, more than 4,000 relocations took place in the city of Aarau itself. Enjoy a move from or to the city of Aarau with quality-tested removal companies from MOVU.

Tips for relocations in Aarau

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Tips and Checklist for Your Move – Including free PDF checklist

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