How much does it cost to move with a professional moving company?

People often ask us: “How much does it cost to move my 3.5 room apartment? Can you give me an approximate price?” However, this question disregards the fact that the price for a move is calculated from various factors and that each relocation is individual.

Average moving costs at MOVU

In order for you to be able to estimate how the costs for the relocation are made up, we would like to explain the following two points:

  1. What factors influence the price of your move?
  2. What are the average costs when moving with MOVU?

However, in order to estimate average prices, it is important to take the various influencing factors into account.

What factors influence the cost of my move?

1. Distance between the old and new place of residence

The distance between the old and new place of residence has an influence on the relocation costs. The price may increase or decrease due to fuel and distance.

2. Loading and unloading address

Not only the distance between the two places of residence plays a role, but also how easy it is to transport the furniture from the apartment to the delivery van. An important factor is the distance from the parking-lot to the entrance of the apartment and the number of steps that have to be overcome. The greater the distance and the more steps there are, the more time the company needs for the move.

It is also important to note whether an elevator is available and how heavy the loads carried in it may be. For example, if you live on the third floor but there is no elevator, it can have an impact on the relocation costs. For this reason, many customers use a furniture lift from the moving company when access to the apartment is difficult or there is no elevator.

3. Your inventory

Basically it can be said: The more you own and the bigger, heavier and more delicate your inventory is, the higher the price for the relocation will be. This is due to the fact that more time will be required for the move.

Also note the amount of cartons you want to move. We recommend to take 20-30 cartons per person into account. A trailer can be filled with 50 moving boxes, depending on its size, and if you have a lot of boxes it is possible that additional moving helpers and moving vans are needed.

It also matters whether large pieces of furniture can be dismantled or not. For example, a 4-door closet with mirror sliding doors takes considerably more time than a small closet with only one door.

As you can see, moving is very individual. For this reason, MOVU either arranges a home visit, or you can specify all the information directly online, so that the companies know exactly what to move. That way it’s possible to offer a fixed price.


Average moving prices at MOVU

MOVU is the largest moving and cleaning platform and executes over 1’000 orders per month throughout Switzerland. In order to get a feel for how much your move could cost, we provide you with average prices. Please note that the price may vary depending on the above reasons.

Costs for the relocation of 1.5 room to 2.5 room apartments

The costs for relocating a 1.5 room apartment are CHF 690 on average. For 2.5 room apartments, a relocation costs an average of CHF 1’010. This corresponds to a workload of about 4 to 5 hours, depending on how far away the new place is. The price for the relocation depends on the inventory. If you only have few pieces of furniture, the move will be cheaper.

Chart of moving costs for 1.5 to 2.5 room apartments

Costs for the relocation of 3.5 and 4.5 room apartments

Relocations for 3.5 to 4.5 room apartments are among the most frequent moves. Here too, prices can vary greatly depending on inventory, required moving vans and special accessories. The average costs for relocating a 3.5 room apartment are CHF 1’350, and CHF 1’670 for a 4.5 room apartment. The time and effort for such a move can take up to 8 hours, depending on the distance and inventory.

Chart of average moving costs for apartments with 3.5 to 4.5 rooms

Costs for the relocation of 5.5 room or bigger apartments

For large apartments or houses with more than 5 rooms it is definitely worthwhile to hire a moving company, because the time and effort is very high. It is important that the moving van is big enough and that the relocation is carried out competently and efficiently by professionals.

With 5.5 room apartments, a move costs an average of CHF 2’050. The relocation for 6.5 room apartments costs CHF 2’490 in average.

Chart of average moving costs for apartments with 5.5 or more rooms

Moving quotes at MOVU

MOVU doesn’t only offer you one moving quote, but five. You can compare different moving companies, read reviews and choose the best quote. Fixed prices assure you that you will not pay more than you agreed on. Just send us an inquiry and we will send you quotes for your move!