People often ask us: “How much does it cost to move my 3.5 room apartment? Can you give me an approximate price?” However, this question disregards the fact that the price for a move is calculated from various factors and that each relocation is individual.

Average moving costs at MOVU

In order for you to be able to estimate how the costs for the relocation are made up, we would like to explain the following two points:

How much does a moving cost in Switzerland?

The average cost of a move in Switzerland is CHF 1,600. Prices depend on factors such as the distance between the two addresses, the accessibility of the residences, and the inventory to be transported

MOVU is the largest moving and cleaning platform in Switzerland. In order to provide you with an idea of the costs for a moving service with a moving company, we have calculated the prices for an average move in Switzerland based on the size of the residence.

Number of roomsAverage relocation costs
1.5 room apartmentCHF 1’040
2.5 room apartmentCHF 1’290
3.5 room apartmentCHF 1’575
4.5 room apartmentCHF 1’850
5.5 room apartmentCHF 2’160
6.5 room apartmentCHF 2’800

The prices are based on MOVU moving prices for the year 2023. 

What factors influence the cost of a moving company?

1. Distance between the old and new place of residence

The distance between the old and new place of residence has an influence on the relocation costs. The price may increase or decrease due to fuel and distance.

2. Loading and unloading address

The ease of access for transporting your belongings from your home to the moving truck is a major factor in the cost of a relocation.

The distance between the parking area and the entrance of the building, as well as the number of steps, are crucial factors. A greater distance and a higher number of steps can result in an increased time required for the move, leading to a higher estimate.

The presence of an elevator is also a determining factor, and it is essential to specify its availability and weight capacity. For instance, a move to the fourth floor without an elevator will cost more than a similar move with a spacious elevator available.

In cases of complex access, it is possible to use a furniture lift, thereby facilitating the work while ensuring the safety of the moving operations.

3. Your inventory

Basically it can be said: The more you own and the bigger, heavier and more delicate your inventory is, the higher the price for the relocation will be. This is due to the fact that more time will be required for the move.

Also note the amount of moving boxes you want to move. We recommend to estimate 20-30 boxes per person into account. A trailer can be filled with 50 moving boxes, depending on its size, and if you have a lot of boxes it is possible that additional moving helpers and moving trucks are needed.

It also matters whether large pieces of furniture can be dismantled or not. For example, a 4-door closet with mirror sliding doors takes considerably more time than a small closet with only one door.

As you can see, moving is very individual. For this reason, MOVU either arranges a home visit, or you can specify all the information directly online, so that the companies know exactly what to move. That way it’s possible to offer a fixed price.

Average moving costs in Switzerland per property size

Moving prices for small residences

In Switzerland, the average cost of moving a 1.5-room apartment is CHF 1,040. The distance between the two addresses plays a crucial role in this estimate. For short-distance moves, the cost tends to be below CHF 800, while for moves to another canton, even with a small inventory, one can expect quotes around CHF 1,300.

Moving Costs Switzerland 1.5 room

For 2.5-room apartments, a relocation with a swiss moving company costs an average of CHF 1,290. Depending on the distance between the two residences, this corresponds to a workload of approximately 4 to 5 hours. The cost of the move depends on the inventory; if you have minimal furniture, the service will be less expensive.

Moving Costs Switzerland 2.5 room

Costs for the relocation with a company for 3.5 and 4.5 room apartments

The moves of residences with 3.5 to 4.5 rooms are among the most common relocations. Here too, prices can vary considerably depending on the inventory, the required moving vehicles, and specific options. Depending on the distance and the inventory, the working time for such a move can take up to 8 hours.

The average cost of moving a 3.5-room residence is CHF 1,575. In addition to the factors mentioned above, it is also essential to consider the ease of transport and disassembly of the inventory

Moving Costs Switzerland 3.5 room

For 4.5-room relocations, the average quote with a Swiss moving company is CHF 1,850. By comparing quotes, you can easily find a company offering rates below CHF 1,400

Moving Costs Switzerland 4.5 room

Costs for the relocation of 5.5 room or bigger apartments

For large apartments or houses with more than 5 rooms it is definitely worthwhile to hire a moving company, because the time and effort is very high. It is important that the moving van is big enough and that the relocation is carried out competently and efficiently by professionals.

With 5.5 room apartments, a move costs an average of CHF 2,160.

Moving Costs Switzerland 5.5 room

The relocation for 6.5 room apartments costs CHF 2,800 in average.

Moving Costs Switzerland 6+ room

Moving quotes at MOVU

MOVU doesn’t only offer you one moving quote, but five. You can compare different moving companies, read reviews and choose the best quote. Fixed prices assure you that you will not pay more than you agreed on. Just send us an inquiry and we will send you quotes for your move!

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Costs for the relocation without professional help

If you decide to organize the move yourself, there are a number of costs that you have to bear in mind:

  • moving helpers: approximately CHF 40 per hour and per person
  • moving vans: between CHF 50 and CHF 200 
  • distance: fuel expenses for the journey
  • reservation of a parking space: up to CHF 100
  • moving materials: On average CHF 120
  • meal for the helpers: CHF 10 per person

Costs for moving helpers

Costs: approximately CHF 40 per hour and per person

Ask your friends to help you move and they will most certainly do it for free. As a thank-you you can invite them to dinner after the move. However, if your friends are not available you can also ask students or other people who want to earn money on a temporary job. Here you will have to reckon with about CHF 40 per helper and hour.

Costs for the moving van

Costs: between CHF 50 and CHF 200

The price of the moving van depends on its size. In order to estimate the size there are now numerous pages on the internet that will help you to do so. As a rule of thumb, ten cubic meters per room is a good starting point. Often, the rental price already includes a flat rate per kilometer. Or you just have to return the car with a full tank of fuel. Find out exactly what the conditions are and which option is better suited for your move. The cost of renting a van is approximately CHF 50 to 200 per day.

Distance between the apartments

Costs: fuel expenses for the journey

If the cost of fuel is not included in the price of the moving van, you can estimate the approximate cost in advance if you know the distance between the old and the new home.

Costs for the parking space

Costs: up to CHF 100

It is often necessary in the city center of large cities to reserve a parking space in front of the residence for moving day. Depending on the cities, you may need to inform the authorities, sometimes up to 10 days in advance, incurring fees that can reach up to 100 CHF. Don’t forget that you may also need to reserve a parking space in front of both the old and the new domicile

Expenditure on moving materials

Costs: around CHF 120

You will obviously need moving boxes. You can ask your friends or family who have recently moved to give you some boxes. Alternatively, you can buy them for around 4 CHF per box.

You will also need protective materials such as blankets and straps, as well as packing materials like bubble wrap or newspaper.

Meal for your helpers

Costs: CHF 10 per person

Provide your friends and moving helpers with enough food during the move. CHF 10 per person will probably be enough. After the move, you can invite your friends to dinner to thank them for their help.

Keeping track of the costs

In order to keep track of your costs for the move even without a moving company, it is best to create a table with the individual items and their costs. Enter estimates and gradually replace them with actual values.

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