People often ask how much a move out cleaning including a handover guarantee will cost. However, calculating the costs for the move out cleaning isn’t that easy, as various factors have to be considered. Therefore, there is no simple answer to this question, but we will do our best to explain how the costs are calculated.

Average costs for a move out cleaning with MOVU

There are certain factors that have a big impact on the move out cleaning price and to help you understand what they are, we will elaborate on the following two things:

Average price for a handover cleaning per room at MOVU

The average cost of an handover cleaning in Switzerland is CHF 930.-. Prices depend on factors such as the size of the apartment and the cleaning items listed above.

MOVU is the largest moving and cleaning platform in Switzerland and realizes over 1000 services per month throughout Switzerland. In order to get a feeling of how much your handover cleaning could cost, we will give you the average costs. Please note that the price may vary depending on the above-mentioned specifications.

Number of roomsThe average price for a move out cleaning
1.5 room apartmentCHF 680
2.5 room apartmentCHF 730
3.5 room apartmentCHF 890
4.5 room apartmentCHF 1090
5.5 room apartmentCHF 1350
6.5 room apartmentCHF 1550

The prices are based on MOVU cleaning prices for the year 2023. 

What factors influence the price of a move out cleaning?

It is often assumed that the size of the apartment has the greatest impact on the cleaning price. However, this is rarely the case and the following factors influence the price the most.

1. The cleaning of the kitchen

The kitchen requires a lot of time and effort as it’s the place where people cook. It is one of the most time-consuming rooms to clean and nowhere else, during the apartment handover, is paid as much attention to detail as in the kitchen. The standard kitchen move-out cleaning routine involves: a thorough cleaning of the oven, dishwasher, stove as well as all cabinets and drawers. The inside of the extractor fan must be cleaned and the filter needs to be replaced. The floor must be cleaned and if you have with metal fittings, it’s important that they have been thoroughly descaled.

Professional cleaning companies will have the necessary cleaning equipment to remove stubborn and burnt-in stains.

2. The cleaning of the bathroom and toilet

Compared to other rooms, the bathroom also takes a lot of time to clean. The more toilets, bathtubs and showers your home has, the higher the price. Bathrooms (shower, bathtub), sinks and taps are particularly susceptible to lime. Due to increased humidity and lack of air circulation in the bathroom, mold may form in joints or corners. Therefore, the bathroom is checked very carefully during the handover, to see if everything has been cleaned properly.

3. The cleaning of the windows and ledges

Everyone knows the annoying subject of window cleaning. Windows need to be immaculately cleaned and no residue must be visible. Additionally, window frames must be cleaned inside and outside. It is also necessary to vacuum and clean between the rubber gaskets and the closing mechanisms of the windows. Lastly, any discolouration of the window ledges needs to be cleaned.

4. Type of blinds

Cleaning the blinds is often something that gets forgotten. It matters what type of window blinds you have. Roller shutters and blinds are quickly cleaned and require less effort than slat blinds, for example. In the case of slat blinds, all individual slats must be cleaned at the top and bottom, which can take up to 20 minutes of additional work per window.

Costs of handover cleaning depending on the size of the flat

Cleaning prices for small residences

For the cleaning of a studio, the average price with a professional company is around CHF 680.- The price will depend on the complexity of cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. It is very rare to receive quotes for move out cleaning with a guarantee for less than CHF 450.-

Cleaning Costs Switzerland 1.5 room

On average, the average cost of a handover cleaning for a 2.5-room apartment is CHF 730.- By comparing rates, you might find a company offering cleaning for CHF 600.-, if the cleaning is not too complex.

Cleaning Costs Switzerland 2.5 room

Handover cleaning prices in Switzerland

On average, the price for cleaning a 3.5-room apartment is CHF 890.-. Once again, prices may vary depending on the information provided by clients. It is not uncommon for this type of accommodation to have a balcony. If cleaning the balcony requires, for example, the use of high-pressure equipment, it will be challenging to find quotes below CHF 900.-

Cleaning Costs Switzerland 3.5 room

For a 4.5-room apartment, the average price for a handover cleaning quote is around CHF 1090.-.

Cleaning Costs Switzerland 4.5 room

5 plus room apartments move out cleaning costs

Cleaning a 5-room-apartment or bigger is very time-consuming. You will have to account for more than 20 working hours. In this case, MOVU partner companies will usually send cleaning teams of 4 or more. The more windows, bathrooms and rooms that need to be cleaned, the longer it will take. The move-out cleaning of a 5.5 room apartment costs on average CHF 1350.-

Handover cleaning Price 5.5 Switzerland

Cleaning a 6.5-room apartment costs an average of CHF 1,550.-, a rate typically influenced by the complexity of the windows to be cleaned.

Cleaning Costs Switzerland 6+ room

Move out cleaning at MOVU

For each inquiry, MOVU will provide you with 5 offers from 5 different companies. You can compare the companies, read reviews and choose the offer that best suits your needs. Thanks to the handover guarantee, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of when you hand over the apartment. And since all companies at MOVU only offer fixed prices, you can be sure that you only pay the agreed-upon price.

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