Dreaming of moving is not uncommon. This can be a way of relieving stress and apprehension about an upcoming move. Dreaming of moving can also mean that something must come to an end in the dreamer’s life.

If you would like to know more about your dream of moving houses, this article is for you.

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Dreaming of an approaching move

To interpret a dream, you must first understand your current situation. Are you going to move in a few weeks? If you are, dreaming about moving is quite normal. It will allow your brain to prepare and accept the change that is coming to your life.

Moving can be a serious source of stress in a person’s life. It is normal for you to release this stress by resting as much as possible. Hiring a professional moving company will also helpy you with most of the difficult tasks and reduce the stress of moving.

Interpretation of the moving dream

“I’m dreaming that it is my moving day but the boxes aren’t packed yet”: These are dreams that often come up when management and planning of the tasks around the move are not controlled.

If you have this type of dream, you probably need to focus on a better planification and have a clear idea of how the move is going to work out step by step. You can already make a draft to schedule the moving day and its key moments:

  • At what time does the moving company arrive?
  • When do you have to be at the new address?
  • At what time is the handover of the keys?

This dream should not come back if you have been able to list out the key moments and if you no longer have any doubt about your schedule.

“I have dreamed that I was preparing my move and there were more and more boxes to pack. I could not manage to pack them all.”: This kind of dream clearly means that you are anticipating the organization of the move and are afraid to be overwhelmed.
Do you know exactly what is left to do? Make a list of the tasks you still have to tackle or download our checklist to make sure everything is planned out in advance.

Take a moment to think about the emotions you have felt during your dream.
Are you worried that things are moving too fast? Moving is a big change in a person’s life. It takes time and care to prepare it correctly.

What frightens you the most about this big change in your life?
Have you talked to your family and friends about it? Airing our your anxieties can help with reducing a big part of the stress.

If the unknown scares you, you can also familiarise yourself with your brand new environment by taking a walk in your future neighbourhood for example.

Dreaming of moving

Why do people dream of moving when they do not plan to move? Moving is above all a change of perspective. Your unconscious mind is telling you that something needs to change or that something must end.
The interpretation of the dream depends on the emotions felt in the dream. Positive emotions are good omens but, more often thant not, dreams related to moving houses can be distressing.

Interpretation of the dream of moving when you are not planning to move

If you have dreamed about moving and you felt great about it: This new home is your “inner self”. If entenring this new home makes you feel positive emotions it means that you have succeeded in changing a part of your deepest nature, and this change is beneficial.

On the other hand, to feel negative emotions in a new house, this ‘inner self’, informs the dreamer that something is not right for them. The dreamer is not in tune with who they really are.

“Bad people are trying to force their way into my house and I can’t close the door completely and/or can’t lock it fully. The door is always a little bit open and I use all the weight of my body to keep these intruders out of my house. I am panicking.” This dream reflects a fear about being and feeling secure in one’s life. The dreamer most likely doesn’t have a strong enough support system or is lacking strong foundations in their life.

“I dream that my furniture is being moved by someone else, and I have no part in the situation. Nothing goes right. My furniture breaks. The truck is too small”: This type of negative dream may indicate that the dreamer is suffocating in their current life. It is time to regain control of the situation and to get to the bottom of it. The dreamers must ask themselves: who am I and what do I really want?

On the other hand, dreaming of carrying out the move yourself and feeling bad about it may indicate a desire to escape from something.

“I dream about moving and the furniture doesn’t fit in the removal van. I am forced to part with some of my furniture and not being able to take it all with me makes me feel bad and sad.”: The furniture symbolises the dreamer’s habits and the routines that make them feel secure. Seeing a truck overloaded with furniture can mean that the dreamer’s habits and way of life are suffocating them.