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Swiss moving companies

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Swiss moving companies

MOVU is present throughout Switzerland. Whether you are in the French speaking part of Switzerland, in the Ticino or in the German speaking part of Switzerland, make a free request to receive moving quotes or handover cleaning quotes and book your removal servicce.


Advantages of a a removal service with a swiss moving company on MOVU

Thanks to our MOVU moving platform, it’s easy to request quotes online. With just a few clicks, you can make a request and receive quotes from Swiss moving companies within 24 hours. MOVU guarantees the execution of the service, which means that if the company is unable to move, we will send you another swiss moving company to organise the removal service free of charge.


Our 100% Swiss moving companies

All our partner moving companies are from Switzerland and can organise your removal service anywhere in Switzerland. Our partners are professionals in the removals industry and are insured in case of damage.


What are the options for your removal service in Switzerland?

Your move always includes the transport and protection of the furniture indicated in your request. The movers, the trucks and the protection of the furniture are also included. To this you can add the following options if you wish:

● disassembly and reassembly of the furniture
● packing of moving boxes
● furniture lift
● rental or purchase of moving boxes
● waste disposal
● dismantling of lamps
● Protection of floors
● All-risk insurance


How much does a swiss moving company cost?

This is a difficult question to answer precisely. It depends on several factors, which you can find in our article on the costs of a move.
However, depending on the number of rooms in your home, you can find the average price of a removal service in Switzerland on MOVU :

Number of roomsAverage removal service in Switzerland
1.5 room apartmentCHF 720
2.5 room apartmentCHF 748
3.5 room apartmentCHF 1’166
4.5 room apartmentCHF 1’439
5.5 room apartmentCHF 1’807
6.5 room apartmentCHF 2’104


When should you organise your removal service with a swiss moving company?

As soon as you are sure you are moving, you can compare some swiss moving companies. The request is free, so you can get an idea of the price of a removal service and then refine the quote if your needs change.
In general, our customers start planning their move to Switzerland on average 2 months before their move.

The specifics of a Swiss moving company

swiss map to plan a relocation

Cleaning after your removal service in Switzerland

If this is your first move in Switzerland, you may be surprised at the moment of the handover. In fact, in Switzerland, real estate agencies or landlords require a very precise cleaning before handing over the keys. This is why many Swiss people decide to hire, not only a swiss moving company but also, ca company for handover cleaning.


Your removal service with a swiss moving company

If you are moving from Switzerland to Switzerland with a professional moving company, the company must be Swiss. However, if you are moving from another country to Switzerland, you are free to choose the origin of the removal company. The same applies if you are moving from Switzerland to another country, you can choose to use a Swiss company, which has many advantages, or you can use a foreign company.


The advantages of a Swiss moving company for your international move

Have you decided to leave Switzerland? For your move, choosing a Swiss company will allow you to organise a home visit and check the accuracy of the inventory. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of the removal service. A Swiss moving company is also familiar with the administrative procedures for your move outside Switzerland. In addition, you will be relieved to know that the company is not far away and therefore you limit the risks of delays at the beginning of the removal service.


Removal service from Switzerland to abroad

MOVU organises removal services from Switzerland to all of Europe. You can also request a quote if you are moving from Switzerland to another country. Our companies are able to transport your goods throughout Europe. If you are looking for advice and administrative procedures for international removals, you can find all our articles online in our moving guide.