MOVU Moving Survey 2017 -
This is how Switzerland moves

MOVU Relocation Study 2017 - This is how Switzerland moves. 450,000 Swiss move within Switzerland every year. The Swiss citizen lives in one place for an average of 4.29 years. The average living space per person is 71 square meters for individuals and 90 square meters for two people. For families, the average living space is 115 square meters. More than 80% of the Swiss live in an apartment, 12% live in a house, 6.4% in a duplex and more than 1% in a shared apartment. The reasons for a move are a relocation to a larger apartment for 29%. 13.5% move in with the partner, just under 10% move because of a new job and 9.6% move into a smaller apartment. Nearly 8% build a home and at 5.7% the separation from the partner is the reason for the move and for 4.4% of the moving people the apartment has become too expensive. The average distance of a move is 29 kilometers, while 55% of the moves are no more than 10 kilometers. Swiss people tend to be loyal to their neighborhood. The move is planned 7 weeks in advance. Women and men share the organization of the move on an almost equal footing. 23% of those moving are between 18-29 years old. 60% are 30-49 years old, 14% are 50-65 years old and 3% are over 65 years old. On Monday 15.7% of the removals take place, on Tuesday 12.2%, on Wednesday 13.3%, on Thursday 15.9%. On Friday most of the moves take place with 25%. On Saturdays 17.7% of the removals take place. One in four people moves with a pet. On average, 40 boxes are needed per move and an average of 22 boxes per person. 1 square meter corresponds to 1.5 boxes. 98% of the Swiss pack their own moving boxes. At 67%, the removal company assembles and disassembles the furniture. On average, 23 pieces of furniture are moved per relocation.

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