One entire household to go please! At first, you’d think that packing can’t be that difficult. You’re right, it isn’t. Nevertheless, you should still plan ahead and not just randomly throw your belongings into your moving boxes. Later on, you’re just going to be annoyed when you have to unpack the chaos into your new apartment. There are a few rules that should be considered so that the packing can go smoothly. Below we’ve compiled a packing list for your relocation.

packing list for the relocation

Pack systematically: Preparation

As mentioned, start as soon as you can, and take your time. There’s nothing worse than still having to pack on the moving day. Try to have an overview of your household. Perhaps you should even order a container to dispose bulky items. Get enough packing materials, and by packing material, it does not only include moving boxes but also labelling and packing materials.

Furthermore, we suggest not to use any garbage bags for packing purposes because there’s the risk that they might accidentally rip.

Now check if there are any borrowed things among your belongings that must be returned. This might perhaps take some weight off your book boxes. What you don’t need anymore should be removed. You can also give away items that are still intact, such as clothes and books. Everything else should be disposed.

Starting point: This is how you pack for your relocation

You have packing helpers ready? Great! Avoid chaos by instructing them well. First of all, you should pack everything that you don’t need in daily life. Next, you compile a survival kit for the first days in your new apartment. In this way, you won’t need to go through all the boxes to find toilet paper. We recommend the following daily items:

  • Food and beverages
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap and towels
  • Medicine
  • Paper plates and napkins
  • Pans and wooden spoons
  • Bottles and can openers
  • Extension cable
  • Matches and torch
  • Tape
  • Tools
  • Bulbs
  • Address book
  • Garbage bags
  • Some cleaning tools
  • Writing utensils
  • Spare blueprints of your furniture

Remember that it makes sense to strengthen the ground of the heavy packed boxes with duct tape. The magic letter on packing lists should be ‘c’ as in compact. Don’t leave any hollow while packing. In case it happens, just fill it with bed covers or jackets. Also, make sure that the boxes don’t get too heavy. The weight of one box should not exceed 25-30 kilograms. It’s better if you have items that can be deconstructed, and you should store the spare pieces separately. In this way, they won’t use up much space.

Keep an overview and pack everything safely

Label your moving boxes according to the rooms of your new apartment. This is especially practical for your helpers, because you won’t need to answer the question “and where should I put this?” on the moving day. Believe me, it will spare your nerves. Also, label fragile and special items clearly, such as liquids. Clothing that should not get wrinkles should be put into special boxes. For the protection of books or crockery, you may be interested in our article on packing room after room.

Odds and ends should be avoided. All tubes, cans and so on should be closed firmly. Dampness and wetness aren’t a good idea, because the function of moving boxes will otherwise be compromised on the way. For this reason, you should dry your shampoo bottles before you put them into the box.

Of course, you don’t want to insinuate, that’s why you should keep an eye on your valuables. You should either transport them yourself or you should temporarily store them in a bank deposit safe. Another important aspect concerns your safety and the one of your helpers. It’s essential that you make sure that dangerous items should be stored safely so that nobody can get harmed. Sometimes it’s necessary to store and transport them separately.

Last but not least: The master tip for your packing list

This strategy has saved many relationships. List all items of each packed boxes and put the lists in the boxes accordingly. In this way, it’s not necessary to dig into the boxes anymore. Have you packed everything already? Very good! Close up the boxes nicely, so that nothing can fall out. Up to the transporter and into the new apartment!

You’d like to have a print of the list? No problem! Download the PDF here.

packing list for the relocation