You’ve found a new apartment and the moving date is scheduled. Now it can finally begin: Open the moving boxes, throw everything inside. Done. Yeah, that should do. Packing boxes can’t be that difficult, right? We agree, it’s not difficult. However you can save a lot of time if you pack them properly, because unpacking will be a lot quicker at the new apartment. And you can save money, because packing them properly will make sure that your things will survive the transport to the new apartment.

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Pack with a System: Organize Packing Material

First of all, you need to consider what packing material you need. What you certainly will need are moving boxes. You can order them in our shop for example. It’s best not to use common package boxes. Those are too thin, they tear easily and they don’t have any carry handles. For books, CD’s and folders, you can get special boxes in a different format.

For fragile items, you’ll need protection material. Wrapping paper is ideal for plates, bubble wrap is perfect for filling glasses and mugs. Don’t use newspaper, because that can color the dishes and then you’d have to wash everything. You will also need a covering fleece for loading the transporter. Sharp edges need to be protected so that nothing breaks during the transport. For delicate things like images and mirrors, you can get special protective corners. That way you can be sure that everything will arrive safely.

During the move, things often get dirty and dusty. Mattress covers will protect the bed from any dirt. Also consider that it could rain during the move if you’re unlucky and it will be troublesome if your mattress gets wet.

Labels are one of the most important things on your shopping list for the move. Organizing everything is important if you want to pack properly. Also get enough pens and adhesive tape. Now, do you have everything ready? Then let’s start.

Well Planned: Half the Job Done

Walk through your apartment and consider which things can be packed first. Cellar and attic can certainly go first and most probably there are a lot of things that can be disposed of. Make sure to plan enough time so that you won’t need to rush when the movers are already on the way to your apartment. Calculate a half to one day for every room. That always depends on how many things are stored in your drawers. It also makes sense to put things from the same closet into the same box. That way, you won’t need to go from one room to the other when unpacking the boxes.


Wardrobe boxes or garbage bags can be used for clothes. You can use pillows and blankets as fillers in the transporter after putting them in garbage bags. But make sure that they aren’t accidentally thrown away. And remember the mattress covers.

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Study and Living Room

Now get the boxes for your books and folders. It’s best to place books upright and back to back. Fill the boxes with filling material before they get too heavy. Records and CDs should also be placed upright. And don’t transport important documents in the moving boxes, bring them to the new apartment yourself.

You can get special boxes for lamps. That way they will certainly arrive in one piece at the new apartment. Again, make sure to use enough filling material.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Be cautious if you don’t want to destroy everything. Pad the bottom of the boxes before putting your dishes inside. Put plates upright at the bottom. The rest goes on top. Make sure to fill everything with paper so that nothing moves when you shake the box. For glasses, wine glasses and bottles, there are special boxes so that everything is safe. In fact, MOVU offers special boxes for wine bottles. You can also get them in our shop. Make sure to label fragile things noticeably. Wrap cutlery in a towel and put it in an extra box. That way, everything stays put.

Cleaning utensils should be closed properly. Otherwise there might be a nasty surprise. The same goes for food like oil or vinegar. It’s easiest to put those things in a small tub and transport them in the private car. The gaps can be filled with newspaper.


Consider, which furniture you want to take with you. It’s easiest to disassemble furniture. However, if the staircase is wide enough, you often don’t need to do that. To figure out which items need to be disassembled, you need measuring tape. Measure the furniture and then the transport route. When moving, make sure to secure the drawers with tape. And don’t forget: The furniture might need to be carried through the stairwell in the new apartment, too. If it gets tight there, it might get stressful.

Take Your Time to Pack Correctly

Remember to label all the boxes, so that you know what’s inside. Even though the effort might appear immense, you’ll be glad in the end when you find what you’re looking for at the first try.