Surely you’ve been through it too: if you just use any kind of old moving boxes, things might not turn out well. No secure ground and no unified size – not a good idea. It’s essential to get the right moving box if you want to survive your relocation without any big injuries. We still thank the smart inventors of those practical moving boxes. Here you’ll find all your questions about packing, the purchase, and the correct lifting of those marvellous squared things.

Moving boxes

How many moving boxes do I need?

It’s difficult to estimate the right amount of moving boxes. However, there are two rules of thumb, which you can use as your base and which you can use for further estimations.

Rule No. 1: You need one moving box for each square meter.

Rule No. 2: You need about 30 moving boxes per person.

It sounds very straightforward, however, the amount of boxes you really need also depends on other factors. The best way is to walk around your apartment with an observing eye, open your drawers and closets, and look at what you’ve stored. Do you have many bits and pieces? Or many heavy books? In that case you should take more boxes into account. If you are rather furnished in a minimalistic way, then the rule of thumb doesn’t apply anymore. Also, while you are touring around your apartment, think of the items that might need special boxes.

Where do I get the moving boxes?

What do you prefer? To lend or to buy moving boxes? It’s your decision. If you lend you boxes from a moving company, you don’t need to worry about storing them afterward. However, they don’t take up much space if you fold them nicely and store them in your attic.

If you choose to buy the moving boxes, just go to your local do-it-yourself store. But wait! Instead of going there, take the car. The boxes must be carried somehow. If you don’t own a big car, you already have one organizational issue. That’s the reason why clothes are not the only things you can purchase online.

In our shop, you’ll find solid moving boxes for 3.90 CHF per piece. Delivery is free of charge. Double corrugated cupboard will prevent your boxes from tearing and ensures that no content will escape and fall all over the staircase while carrying the box. In this way, you won’t give away any space, and also you’ll make sure that the book boxes won’t be too heavy. As soon as you’ve ordered the desired amount, you’ll get the moving boxes in the next 48 hours in your apartment. So, you don’t need to worry about going to the do-it-yourself store anymore.

Packing wisely makes half the work

Buy moving boxes with discount.

You can forget the motto “just one more” when you are packing. Instead of loading your boxes until they are about to explode, you should work more systematically. Heavy items belong in the bottom and light ones on the top. For fragile items you should find enough filling material, such as bubble wrap and packaging paper. By the way, newspaper could cause stains! Also, writing “Caution – fragile” in big letters on the box would be a good idea.

Think of your dear friends who are helping you move. So, don’t make the boxes too heavy. In case the box isn’t filled yet, but is already pretty heavy, you could also just fill the hollow with clothes, towels, or other light weighted items.

This is how you carry your moving boxes properly

One wrong move and you could twist your back, especially if you have to move quickly on the moving day when composure is often lacking. In order for you and your hard-working helpers to survive carrying boxes, you should follow the rules below:

  • Squat when you are lifting boxes, and don’t do a hollow-back.
  • Always carry the boxes with both hands and as near to your body as possible.
  • Better carry heavy ones in pairs.
  • Avoid harsh movements, but take your time carrying.

Before you carry a heavy load for a far distance, it won’t hurt to get a pushcart.

One last peek

Look around again. Have you really packed everything? Damn it, there’s still a lamp hanging down the roof… In this case, it’s always good to have some spare boxes. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Happy packing!