It’s not usually the first thing you think of, but it’s an essential question: “where will I park the moving truck?” Whether you move yourserlf or hired a moving company, you need to have an access to your home for the moving truck on the moving day.

Parking places in front of building

Providing sufficient parking space for moving trucks

If you are planning a large moving truck or several trucks, you must be able to guarantee a sufficiently large parking space for the vehicle(s), but also provide enough room to load and unload the furniture.

Our advice: Do you get on well with your neighbours in the building? Arrange with them to use their parking space for the truck on the day of your move.

If you need to reserve a parking space, the price is generally the same for 1, 2 or 3 spaces, especially in Geneva. It is better to have more spaces than less.

Park as close as possible to the building’s entrances

If possible, the moving truck should be parked as close as possible to the main accesses of the building. 30 metres seems close, but transporting a sofa or fridge over this distance can be very tiring.

Also, consider orienting the moving truck in reverse so that the loading area is directly in front of the front door and leave a minimum of 2 metres in front of the back of the truck to load the furniture.

Parking bans during your move

Whenever possible, you should avoid parking your vehicle in an area where parking is prohibited. You risk a fine or having to move your vehicle and complicate your move.

Parking in a blue zone is possible with the use of a parking disc. However, be aware that parking time is usually limited to one hour.

Parking when hiring a moving company

Using a moving company does not mean that you do not have to deal with parking.

The issue of parking should be discussed with the moving company before the day of the move, at the moment of the home visit for instance. The company can have a look on the space required for their moving trucks and where it would be best to park. You can then discuss with the moving company whether or not it is advisable to reserve a parking space – this is often necessary in the city centre of large cities.

Parking and the price of a move

The distance between the parking space and the access to the home is one of the factors that determine the price of a move.

If the company’s truck can park right in front of a building, this makes the movers’ work easier and reduces the time required. The estimate will therefore be lower than if the company has to park 30 metres from the home.

Parking the furniture lift

For some movings, the use of a furniture lift is recommended. However, it is only possible to install a furniture lift if there is sufficient space to position it. The moving company must have photos of the location or come to the location to determine whether or not it can be installed.

Parking space according to your canton of residence

If you need to reserve parking spaces for your move, be aware that deadlines differ from one canton to another.

In the canton of Geneva, you must make the arrangements at least 5 working days before your move with your commune or with a private service provider such as Traceroute.

If you live in Lausanne, you must make the arrangements at least 7 working days in advance with the municipal police.

In Fribourg, you must reserve your parking space at least 10 days before your move.

In Zurich, you must reserve a parking space at least 7 days in advance with the police and 8 days in advance in Basel-Stadt.

Ask your local authority or removal company for information.