For many people, cleaning is not one of the most pleasant things to do around the house. And yet, it has to be done, otherwise you end up feeling overwhelmed by the housework. A cleaning schedule is a practical solution to help you get organised and divide the chores equally between all the people, especially in a flat share or family. In this article we explain how to do this easily.

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With or without a house cleaning schedule?

First of all, all the people in a household must agree that they want and need a weekly cleaning calendar. This is very important, because if everyone is not in favour of a cleaning schedule, the whole project will fail. Having a house cleaning schedule can only be successful if everyone participates.

What is included in the weekly cleaning schedule?

Once you have agreed on a cleaning schedule, the next step is to coordinate the cleaning tasks. The first question to ask yourself is:
“What tasks are included in the cleaning schedule?”

To do this, make a precise list of everything that needs to be done and cleaned regularly. The schedule should not contain obvious and vague tasks such as cleaning the kitchen, but should contain more specific items such as, cleaning the hob, cleaning the sink or changing the tea towel.

Organise the weekly cleaning schedule fairly

Now that all the household chores are listed, it is a matter of dividing them up in a sensible and, above all, fair manner. Different household tasks involve different challenges. For example, “changing the tea towel” does not take the same amount of time as “vacuuming all the rooms”. Also, there are often more tasks than people living in the household. Our advice on this subject: Combine household tasks with each other. Think about which tasks are more work and which are less, and see if you can combine them fairly and sensibly to form tasks.

Pacing and naming

Have you combined all the household tasks so that there are as many tasks as there are people in the household? That’s great! Now it’s time to agree on how often the plan should change: once a week, every fortnight or once a month? You may also want everyone to be responsible for certain tasks and thus have a fixed cleaning schedule.

Once you have agreed on the alternation of tasks, and if so, how often, it’s a matter of allocating names: Who does what?

Weekly cleaning schedule via an application

If creating a cleaning schedule manually is not modern enough for you, there are a number of apps you can download that will simplify the coordination of your cleaning schedule. Search for “cleaning schedule” in the App Store or Play Store and you will be offered several apps with corresponding ratings. Often, these apps are not only designed to create cleaning schedules, but also help coordinate things like shopping lists and financial expenses.

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