If you don’t live isolated in nature, neighbors are usually always present. All the better if you get on well with them. Sometimes real friendships develop from a neighborly relationship. But now you’re moving and want to give them a farewell gift? In this text you will find inspiration for different farewell gifts.

Fence between neighbors

Personal or formal: the difficulty of choosing a farewell gift

Consider, which neighbors you got along particularly well with. If the young family next door was nice but you only ever exchanged a few words, a farewell gift may not be appropriate. For those neighbors that you want to buy a present for, consider how close the relationship was. Should the present be very personal or more neutral?

Just to say goodbye: The neutral option

Here are our suggestions for the nice neighbors from next door, who are not really close to you, but nevertheless should get a small gift.


Quite simple and yet heartfelt. With a beautiful bouquet of flowers you will be remembered by your neighbors. If they have a balcony or a small garden, you could also put the flowers in a pot. Alternatively, kitchen herbs are a nice idea, especially if the neighbors like to cook.


Giving time away is always nice. Your neighbors will certainly be happy to spend a nice evening in their favorite restaurant around the corner. A cinema voucher is also a good idea. Your neighbors can then choose the movie themselves.


You’re a good cook? Why not just give something homemade as a gift? For example a glass of pesto, jam or a spice mixture. Cakes in jars are also the latest trend. With a small card that is a practical and beautiful farewell gift for your neighbors.

For the garden or the balcony

A beautiful birdhouse also leaves a lasting impression. Creative examples can be found at various artisan markets. You don’t even have to have a garden, a balcony is enough.

Wellness set

A small wellness set is also a nice idea. Simply put together some bath foam, a bottle of red wine and a good book for a perfect evening in the bathtub.

Farewell gifts for your favorite neighbors

You and your neighbors developed a friendship? Then the farewell gifts can be a little bigger. These are our gift ideas for your favorite neighbors:


If you’ve spent a lot of time together, it can be more personal. How about a personalized floor mat? Perhaps you can think of an insider that can be placed on the mat. An individual key fob is also a nice gesture. And an imprint à la “favorite neighbor” is a great compliment to a wonderful door-to-door life.

Photos & Co

If you have experienced something together, there will certainly be some photos of it. How about picking out the best pictures and creating a photo book. You can also print them on canvas or have them framed. You probably know best which version suits your neighbor’s apartment best.


This way you can be sure that your neighbor will not forget you. After all, when you sign up for a subscription, your neighbor is sent something home at regular intervals. There are many different subscriptions – we will show you our favorites.

Beer subscription

There is a beer subscription so that party nights and barbecue evenings on the balcony are never forgotten. And this isn’t just any beer, it’s beer from small breweries all over Switzerland, which you can’t just buy. It will then be delivered to your neighbors at home. Here you can choose between different periods of up to one year.

Wine subscription

There is also something fine for non-beer drinkers. And that’s a wine subscription that you can take out for three or six months. Specialists select exclusive wines and the neighbor receives three of them every month.

Fruit Box

If you want to refrain from alcoholic gifts and help your neighbors to a healthy lifestyle, voilà: the fruit box. And it is from local agriculture. It can also be delivered to the office, making it a great farewell gift for your favorite colleague.

Chocolate subscription

Favorite neighbors are on a diet? Then please no chocolate subscription! But if you know that a box of chocolates next door will be appreciated, why not? For a period of up to twelve months, your neighbors will receive exquisite chocolates.

Book subscription

If you have ever had a look at the bookshelf of your favorite neighbor and you know whether it’s more in the direction of thrillers or schmaltzy novels, a book subscription is the right thing for you. You can choose the genre and the number of books you want your neighbor to receive.

Magazine subscription

The neighbors always stay up to date on their favorite topics with a magazine subscription. There is an abundance of offers here. Think about which topic suits them best.

Time to say goodbye – the farewell evening

What could be nicer than celebrating your farewell together? Invite your favorite neighbors to a farewell dinner. Either cook yourself or invite them to your favorite restaurant. If you don’t move far away, you can also invite your favorite neighbors directly to your new apartment. That way the farewell is also a new beginning!

What really counts …

… are usually not the parting gifts, but the gesture itself. Unfortunately, good neighborliness is not always common. That makes it all the more important to say thank you personally once again and not just run away like that. So, come on, let’s celebrate and don’t shed too many tears.