When planning a move, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks and questions that arise. At MOVU, we understand the stress that can accompany such transitions, which is why we’re proud to offer our comforting home visit service. Luckily, our friendly expert Besart, well-versed in the intricacies of both moving and cleaning, is here to lend a helping hand.

Last week, we had the opportunity to shadow Besart during his home visits, providing us with a deeper insight into the practical aspects of this service. In this article, we’re excited to share an overview of how MOVU’s home visit service operates.

Our expert during a homevisit.

1. The home visit service:

In the Canton of Zurich, MOVU offers clients a home visit conducted by an expert. When a client initiates an inquiry on the platform, they have the option to either fill out the inventory online or request our expert to conduct a home visit. This service is available for apartments with 3.5 rooms or more in the Canton of Zurich. The objective of this service is to provide personalized assistance and simplify the moving process for our clients.

2. But how does it work?

Imagine our agent Besart showing up at your door, ready to help you plan your move. As soon as he enters your home, Besart will carefully examine everything to understand your specific needs for moving and cleaning services.

First Examination

The inspection kicks off with a thorough examination of your property. Our expert leaves no stone unturned as he assesses parking availability, maps out distances to parking areas, navigates staircases, and ascertains the layout of your apartment, including any elevator dimensions if applicable. By collocating in on these logistical and precious details, we pave the way for a seamless and efficient moving experience.

Moving inventory

After completing the property assessment, our expert reviews with you  the inventory planned to be moved. During this collaborative session, we snap photos to provide moving companies with accurate details. In this way, we ensure precise quotations and eliminate any surprises along the way.

Handover cleaning

If our clients are also interested in quotes for handover cleaning, Besart will gather information about the different areas to be cleaned. He will take photos of certain elements such as the balcony for high-pressure cleaning or persistent dirt to assist cleaning companies in providing quotes.

Final check

We leave no corner of your home unexplored, even venturing into the cellar if necessary to ensure that every aspect of your property is accounted for. Throughout the visit, our team remains readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring that all your needs are heard. But do not worry, you can always update the inventory with our team.

Your personal five offers

As the home visit draws to its end, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that help is on the way. Within 24 hours, you can expect to receive tailored quotations meticulously compiled by our partner companies. These precise offers provide you with the clarity and confidence needed to make informed decisions about your cleaning and moving services. And of course, you can always adjust your offers with the help of our team.

3. Our personal experience during the home visits

During home visits with our expert Besart, we were greatly impressed by his approach. Besart’s knowledge and warmth were evident. With humor and a friendly attitude, he helped clients feel comfortable during the visit. In addition, his attention to detail was remarkable. Most importantly, Besart’s positive and humorous attitude created a welcoming atmosphere that made the experience enjoyable for all involved.

Personalized services like those demonstrate the impact of individualized attention on customer happiness. Besart’s expertise and friendly approach make the moving process smoother, leaving clients with a lasting positive impression.

4. Advantages of home visits

Home visits are a must-have for those facing the daunting task of moving. They not only alleviate stress but also guarantee a thorough approach, eliminating the risk of hidden expenses. Experts like Besart provide tailored support and meticulous planning, fostering a reassuring environment.

With a home visit, you can embrace your new chapter with peace of mind, knowing that your concerns are addressed and your move is handled with expert care.


An essential point to note is that this service provided by MOVU acts as a substitute for filling out the inventory online. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that there remains the option for homevisits with the respective companies if necessary. This can be arranged directly with the companies after the presentation of the five offers on the MOVU website.