Your move is just around the corner and you suddenly need storage space. Maybe because your new home is not ready. Or simply because you’re moving abroad and you’re not able to take everything with you. Or maybe you just want to declutter your home. Using a storage room is a great solution to your space problem.

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Renting storage space is actually quite simple and we are happy to provide a few tips so that your storing experience goes smoothly.

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Tip 1: Determine the requirements

Think about what requirements your storage space should meet. Are you planning to store large goods? In which case, access by truck and a freight elevator will be necessary. Antique furniture, pieces of art or wine should not be exposed to wide temperature fluctuations, so container storage is not recommended.

Another question you can ask yourself is how much flexibility you need while storing. When booking a storage space with placeB, you immediately gain 24/7 access and can change to a different storage room size at any time.

Tip 2: Find the right location

Define the importance of the storage location. The location might be less important for a one-time storage. On the other hand, if you are planning to frequently visit your storage room, it makes sense to pick a location that is close to you. With placeB, you can choose between 20 clean and modern locations.

Tip 3: Choose the right size for your storage room

If you plan well and store your items in an efficient way, you can save a lot of storage space and thus money. It can be challenging to do an accurate estimation about how much space you actually need.

Our storage box size guide helps you define your ideal storage room size. It’s important to ensure that even your longest item will fit in the storage room. Additionally, you need some extra space so that you can still move around in your storage room.

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Tip 4: Packing things correctly

Self storage rooms are clean and dry. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to package your items properly. Not just to protect them from dust, but also to protect fragile items during the move. Boxes make transporting and storing smaller items much easier. However, the boxes should not be too heavy and the weight inside them should be as equally distributed as possible. Textiles and carpets should be wrapped airtight in plastic.

Tip 5: Keep a well-organized storage room

To save space, we recommend stacking your items while filling as many gaps as possible. Also think about which items should stay easily accessible. For example, heavy items that you rarely need belong in the back of the storage room. Regularly needed items should be placed near the entrance of your storage room. Make sure to keep a small passageway so that you can later find your items again. It may be a good idea to rent two small storage rooms instead of one large one and divide items by category. Depending on the circumstances, you can store items in different stages, while saving money in the process.

Additional Tip: Short-term authorization for movers to access your storage room

At almost all placeB locations, access into the building as well as your personal storage room is done via app. Not only does this have the advantage of providing you with 24-hour access to your storage space immediately after booking, without having to sign a contract or retrieving a key first. It also allows you to grant storage room access to a moving team, in just a few clicks. This way, movers can access your storage room to store your items, without you needing to be present.

As you can see, a personal storage room is a convenient solution to any space problem, even during a move. It is suitable for both temporary and long-term storage. Just follow the tips for a smooth storage experience.

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