Your move is just around the corner and you suddenly need storage space. Maybe because your new home is not ready. Or simply because you’re moving abroad and you’re not able to take everything with you. Or maybe you just want to declutter your home. Using a storage room is a great solution to your space problem.

Finding and renting storage space can be time consuming and frustrating. But we got you covered, in this article we’re going to provide you with useful tips on how to book the storage room that fits your specific needs.

Tip 1: Determine the requirements

When choosing a storage unit, it is important to select the size according to your needs and to look for a convenient location. Security features such as surveillance cameras and security locks are crucial, as are suitable access times. Consider whether climate-controlled rooms are necessary for sensitive items and find out about the rental conditions, including insurance options. Reviews and recommendations can help you assess the quality of the provider. Also consider the costs and any additional services offered, such as transportation or help with loading and unloading, to make the best choice for your requirements and budget.

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Tip 2: Find the right location

Define the importance of the storage location. The location might be less important for a one-time storage. On the other hand, if you are planning to frequently visit your storage room, it makes sense to pick a location that is close to you. A storage room close to your new apartment or workplace can add extra convenience. With storabble, you can search for any location in Switzerland and choose a room that fits your location requirements. You want to find out if there are storage rooms in your area? Here are some of the most popular locations:

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Tip 3: Choose the right size for your storage room

As a rule of thumb, around 10% to 15% of the living space can be calculated as storage space. The right size is important, as too large a room will cost too much and too small a storage room will offer too little space for all your personal belongings. Also note that you can save a lot of space by stacking things up high. Generally, storage units are 2.5m – 3m high. You can easily calculate your space requirements with this storage size calculator.

Tip 4: Know what it costs

In Switzerland, a m2 costs an average of CHF 380.00 per year, which works out at around CHF 32.00 per m2 per month. This is according to Fedessa, the European Self-Storage Association. However, the price can vary depending on the location and length of contract. The majority of providers offer long-term discounts, for example, if the rental period is longer than 12 months. If long-term discounts are not explicitly listed on the provider’s website, it is worth asking in person.

Tip 5: Choose the room type that fits your needs

There are different types of storage units which are suitable for different purposes. On the one hand, there is storage space provided by real estate companies – these are often cellar rooms or other ancillary residential rooms that can be rented as storage space. The tenant receives a separate key. On the other hand, there are self-storage boxes – these are personal storage boxes of various sizes that can be rented for a specific period of time. They are generally characterized by video surveillance, 24/7 access and a high quality standard. There are also garage boxes, which can be used as storage space, or archives, which are used by companies to store business documents.

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