It’s Housing Week at Radio Pilatus. For the occasion, MOVU had the honor of being invited on air. Ikmete Limoni, a moving consultant at MOVU, was interviewed on the topic of preparing for a move in Switzerland.

Ikmete Limoni Radio Pilatus

Ikmete Limoni joined MOVU two years ago. As a moving consultant, she provides our customers with valuable expertise on moving in Switzerland. In this interview, she shared tips for optimal move preparation and insights into how the MOVU platform works for its users.

With enthusiasm, Ikmete expressed her satisfaction about this unique experience: “This was a very exciting experience. I am very happy I had the opportunity to do this interview about relocation and MOVU. I hope I have given a good insight into the relocation preparation.

The interview covered the steps in the moving process, notably the checklist of things to do before the move. Administrative tasks were mentioned, such as changing addresses and reserving a parking spot for moving day.

The conversation continued with moving tips, such as preparing an “emergency suitcase” with essential items for the days to come.

Ikmete also explained how the MOVU platform works for people looking to hire a moving company, from the quotation request form to the customer service available during and after the move.

Ikmete is talented and attentive to her clients. I am delighted to work alongside her at MOVU and even prouder to see her take the microphone to share her expertise and represent our company,” said Charline Dulac, Head of Marketing at MOVU.

Find the full interview below: