“For a few pieces of furniture and a couple of boxes, I can ask my friends to help me!” This is what many people think when their move is approaching. However, we tend to underestimate the work that needs to be done. And before that, you have to pack your things and think about the cleaning before you hand over the keys. And what happens if your friends drop a box containing all your ceramic crockery? Who will replace it? Have you considered a moving service to take over? In this article, we’ll explain why this can be a great idea.

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A moving service is worth it.

The efficiency of a moving service

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A professional moving service has several advantages:

Reliability: If your move is scheduled for the middle of the week, your friends will probably have to work. And even if your move takes place at the weekend, they may also have other commitments. A moving service with a company is a safe bet: you are sure to have a team on the day of the move and that they will not cancel at the last minute.

Time saving: Your friends are not professional movers. Even a few pieces of furniture can easily last all day. A moving service can make your life easier and move your furniture in a matter of hours.

Tailor-made tools: straps, boxes, blankets, a hand truck, wrapping paper… Your items must be carefully protected if you want to move them safely and without breaking anything. Even estimating the number of boxes required is often more difficult than you think. Often you will have bought too few and will have to go back and buy more. A moving service includes the packing materials needed to transport your furniture, whether it’s your grandmother’s china cabinet or your photo frames. Most companies also offer moving boxes for rent.

In addition, they already have a van or truck available and ready to use. So you don’t need to rent or borrow a van. Damaging your own car is bad enough, but damaging a rented vehicle is a nightmare: endless paperwork and some unpleasant exchanges with your insurance company.

Relief: Just planning a move can become chaotic. You may feel like you’ve forgotten something. Professionals will have everything under control and will know exactly how to carry out the moving service. Without their help, would you have thought to apply for a parking permit for your van in time? Even the reassembly of your furniture once you have arrived in your new home is included in the moving service.

Administrative formalities: Are you moving to another country? We are experts in international moving services. A removal company can take care of all the formalities for you and knows the customs regulations.

Efficiency: If you don’t have much experience with removals, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the work. There’s nothing worse than feeling like the world is falling apart around you. A moving service is fast and efficient. Hiring a service for your move is even more important if you have a large house and a large inventory.

Who can afford a moving service?

Of course, a moving service always has its costs. You should first ask yourself if you have enough time and patience to plan the move yourself. Do you want to sacrifice your holidays to make sure everything goes smoothly? Does the move have to be finished in one day? Are you moving abroad? In general, the less time you have, the greater the distance, the more complicated the move. This is exactly why it is worth hiring professionals.

Ask your friends if they can recommend a moving service. If not, take a look at our MOVU platform, where you can receive moving quotes free of charge.

If you want to save even more money, you can think of some parts of the move that you can do yourself, if it’s worth it of course. For example, you can pack the boxes yourself and only include the transport of the boxes in the moving service.

Insurance and liability with and without a moving service

If you are moving with the help of your friends, questions of liability and insurance will hardly arise. A box will slip out of someone’s hands and the contents, which may be valuable, will inevitably be damaged. Whose fault is it? Who will pay for the damage?

This can lead to discussions that are difficult to have with friends. With a moving service, your risks are reduced from the outset. They are professionals who are used to transporting fragile objects and taking care of them, and even if something should happen, the company will be able to take care of any damage because they are insured. However, take the time to discuss with the company in advance what damage they can be held responsible for. For some companies, for example, sensitive electronic equipment is not covered. Don’t forget to read your contract carefully.

Finally, where are you moving to again?

Think about your schedule, the amount of furniture that needs to be transported and whether you have the means to organize your move yourself. If all these questions are answered in the affirmative, good luck! If not, a moving service will certainly save you a lot of effort and stress!