Did you decide to leave Switzerland for Paris? You have a new job opportunity and need to organize your move? In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions to prepare your move to Paris.

Le louvre Paris by night



Life in Paris

Are you planning to leave Switzerland for Paris? To live comfortably in Paris, it is best to have a high salary. The average rent is around 1600 euros per month, which means you should keep the same quality of life you had in Switzerland by negotiating a salary of at least 55000 – 60000 euros gross per year.

Paris is culturally rich: there are 14 museums and 15 theatres. Weekends are lively and colourful.

During the week, you should enjoy the afterworks if you like to go out in the evening. All Parisians enjoy having a drink on the rooftop after a good day’s work or meeting up with friends at the bar downstairs.

Moving to Paris

If you have a European passport, you do not need a visa to stay in Paris.
For administrative formalities, please refer to our article on moving to France from Switzerland.

International Moving to Paris with a professional company

Ask your 5 free moving quotes for your move to Paris with professional companies and compare them within 24 hours. We will arrange a free home visit with your favourite company to make sure that you have the exact list of items you are moving to hand to the customs.

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Average price for a moving from Switzerland to Paris

The price of a move from Switzerland to Paris depends on the size of the inventory. Indeed, below 20m3, the company will need only one moving truck, which considerably reduces the moving costs. Above 20m3, several vehicles will be needed for your move to Paris.

Inventory sizeAverage moving price
Easy and small inventoryCHF 2800.-
18 – 20 m3CHF 4000.-
30m3 and moreCHF 7000.-


If you would like more information about your inventory, please contact our customer service.