Are you about to leave Switzerland to start a new life in France? We collected all the information and documents you need to prepare your moving to France. 

Moving to France

Moving to France



As a Swiss citizen (or if you are from a country belonging to the European Union), you do not need a visa or residence permit to settle in France. A simple identity document is enough.

If you come from another country, please contact the French embassy.


Relocation company for your moving to France

Start a request and receive 5 free quotes from professional companies within 24 hours. We will arrange a free home visit with your favourite company to make sure that you have the exact list of items you are moving to hand to the customs.

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Moving to France on your own

If you are moving to France on your own, you can rent a vehicle and organise everything by yourself. Check the different documents below to be sure that you are not forgetting anything.


Documents for customs clearance

You must declare what you are exporting from Switzerland. If you are moving from Switzerland to France, whether you are French or not, you will have to declare your personal items to the French customs as well.

You will be asked to present the following documents:

  • Proof of change of residence (work contract or rental agreement)
  • Completed application form for customs clearance (CERFA n°10070)
  • A detailed and quantified inventory of all your personal belongings in duplicate: do not forget to declare your vehicle to obtain your certificate for the registration of your vehicle in France.
  • A valid identity document.

If you want to move your inventory in more than one trip, we advise you to print your inventory in several copies. If you are moving with a professional company, you do not have to be present at the customs, the CERFA n°10070 includes a proxy part.

Exemption from customs tax

You are exempt from customs tax on the transport of your personal belongings if you meet the following criterias:

  • you have been living in Switzerland for at least 12 months
  • you wish to transfer your main residence to France
  • you do not sell your goods within 12 months of your move
  • you have been in possession of your personal belongings for at least 6 months before the date of your move

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Administrative declaration

Before leaving Switzerland, you must deregister from your canton and announce your departure at your Gemeinde or county (commune). When you move to France, you can register at the town hall, but this is not mandatory except for the departments of Alsace – Moselle.

Once settled in France, you will have to declare your taxes every year on

Health insurance

If you stay in France for more than 3 months, you will have to join the health insurance system in order to stay in France and be correctly covered.

Driving license

You will have to say goodbye to your Swiss driving license and apply for a French driver’s license. You can go to the ANTS website and apply online between 6 and 18 months after your arrival in France. The change of license is free.

Administrative procedures are always stressful, but make a plan: one day, one task. Download our moving checklist to complete your steps one after the other.