A glance into the wallet – nothing in there. Bank account? Uh, nothing either. Money is low but the move is just a few weeks away. And it will probably cost quite a bit. After some calculations you realize, that you can buy the necessary supplies like moving boxes, filling material and some tape. But hiring a professional moving company isn’t possible. No need for despair. You can move on your own. Here are some tips on how to do it and things you will need.

a car full of moving goods


Moving on your own, why not?

Yes, why not? Do you have energetic friends? Then a big part is already taken care of. Maybe one of your friends even has some talent in craft. Even better. The most important thing when moving on your own is the organization and planning. You should take enough time to think everything through.

Make a plan before moving on your own

When do you have to move? Do you have enough of a buffer? Because you need to know, that moving on your own takes a lot of time. It’s best to start packing at least one month before the move. Especially when you’re working or studying full time. The organizational effort depends on how big the apartment is and how far away the new home is.

Moving on your own: ok but ask friends

The most important thing when moving on your own are your friends. They do the work instead of expensive movers. If you’ve helped them move before, they will most probably be happy to help you. Think about how many people you will need. And it’s always a good idea to put your helpers in teams. Maybe someone can already help you with packing? And on the moving day someone can take care of the food, while another one oversees the loading of the moving van. And it’s best to calculate two to three more helpers than needed. It can happen that people have to cancel at the last minute.

Borrow a vehicle

The moving van – where do you get that from? Again, ask your friends if they have a solution. If not you can rent a moving van. If you take your time to compare the offers, you can save money. In our DIY-shop for example, you get 10% off on vans. Get the vehicle before the moving day. Otherwise it can get stressful when you’re stuck in traffic in the morning.

FYI: Even if your own car isn’t a moving van, quite a lot can fit into it if you pack cleverly. You can transport small things like flowerpots for example.

Tip: Are you and your friends driving with more than one vehicle between the two apartments on the moving day? In that case it’s helpful for everyone to have a plan of the new apartment and to label the boxes, so that everyone knows in which room they belong to. Otherwise your music collection might end up in the bathroom.

How well insured are you when you move on your own?

Check your insurance before the move. Do you have a household insurance that also covers moving goods? Also check the personal liability insurance. What happens, if one of your friends breaks the expensive cabinet? Since your private helpers are doing you a favor, those damages won’t be covered by the household insurance or the private liability insurance.

Food for your helpers

We already mentioned it, your friends are doing you a favor when helping you move. They could just as well chill on the couch or do something else, but they’re helping you. Somehow you should show your gratitude, and not only on the housewarming party. Make sure that there’s enough food on the moving day.

Moving boxes and packing material

Without moving boxes, you’d be lost. Get boxes early on. You can buy them or ask your friends, if they have some of those boxes lying around. You also need packing material, filling material, carrying straps, garbage bags and enough tape.

Tools you need when you move by yourself

You don’t need everything, but a certain basic equipment is necessary. You should organize the following tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Combination pliers
  • Hammer
  • Allen wrench
  • Drill
  • Cordless screwdriver

Do you also need special transport devices? For heavy things, a barrow can be essential.

And finally: a toast!

Let’s be honest – moving on your own is quite an effort but it’s worth it. If you have cool helpers and the right music, moving can be fun. And after all the work, a cool beer between all the boxes sounds perfect, right?