Moving to a new home is always a fresh start. The best way to start afresh is to get rid of the old furniture. When moving to a new home, it is of course particularly advisable to do a thorough cleaning. It makes no sense to carry unnecessary things from A to B. But don’t throw everything away. Many items, whether clothes, jewellery or furniture, are far too beautiful to be thrown away. With a few tips and tricks, you can even make a small envelope to pay for new furniture. The easiest way to do this is to sell online. Find out the golden rules of selling second-hand furniture online.

Tables and chairs in a living room

Successfully sell your second hand furnitures online

THE picture and description to successfully sell your second-hand furniture online

When selling online, everything depends on the image. That’s why it’s important to make a little extra effort to present the furniture you are selling in an attractive way. Remember that the potential buyer cannot pick up and examine what you are offering. Put yourself in the shoes of someone interested in your furniture. What is important to you when buying online? What information do you need to decide to buy?

The first step in selling online is therefore to convince the eye. A SLR camera is no longer necessary, your smartphone will be more than enough. As a rule, you should already think about the background, for example, how the carpet you want to sell will be best displayed. If you have a large carpet to sell, put it under a table, with your sofa in the background and a nice vase of flowers on the table.

If you have already captured the buyer’s attention with a photo, it’s the second look that counts to successfully sell the item online: The description of the item and other detailed photos are needed so that the interested party knows exactly what to expect. Second-hand items, in particular, require care. If you are not already making an effort to sell on the Internet, the interested party may think that you have not taken good care of the item for sale either.

Each item has its own specificity

The rules for successful online selling depend of course on what you want to sell online. We have listed the most important points here.

Electrical appliances: For electrical appliances, such as laptops, it is not important to have a frame and flowery background. On the contrary, it is important to choose a sober background and to present the device from all angles. After all, when it comes to electronic devices, it is not only the visual aspect that counts but also the facts. In the description of the item, you should be very detailed. Where and when did you buy the device? How long and how often have you used it? Is it really in perfect working order?

Clothing: Successfully selling the clothes you have sorted on the Internet requires some skills. After all, buying a t-shirt or cardigan that you haven’t tried on before requires some thought. That’s why detailed photos are absolutely essential here too. In addition, show exactly how the item fits, what the dimensions are and how the material looks. Do you also have the impression that the T-shirt is relatively large? In that case, mention that too.

Jewellery: beautiful jewellery is definitely too good to just throw away. However, it is often not possible to clearly identify the exact size of the jewellery in the photos without a scale. In order to avoid disappointment for the buyer, you can place a coin next to the rings and the like to orientate yourself. This makes it easier to estimate whether the earring is too small or too large.

Selling toys: If you want to sell small toys (e.g. Lego) online, you will probably only be able to get rid of them if you show them assembled and photograph them from all angles. This way potential buyers can see that everything is complete and functional and that no parts are missing.

Editing photos after the fact

You don’t have to be a professional to enhance sales photos after the fact. There are now online programs that anyone can use. However, be careful not to alter the colours of the product. People should not complain that the T-shirt is actually blue instead of turquoise.

The customer is king

Reviews allow users to see whether you are reliable or not. Try to respond quickly to interested people. If you don’t respond to a request until two days later, the interest may have already vanished.

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