Sometimes you just can’t manage a relocation on your own. Perhaps your friends don’t have time to help you because the moving date is in the middle of summer break. Or you’re busy at work and you just can’t pack everything on your own. Or perhaps, your new place it too far away, so you choose to hire a moving company. The next step is to request online moving quotes. You can only pick the best offer if you have different ones to choose from. Here are some tips on how to choose the best moving service.

People moving on their own instead of with a moving company


Before comparing online moving quotes: What do you want?

First of all you need to figure out what you actually want. Do you only need a transporter to deliver things from A to B? Or do you need professional movers from the start? Should they help with dismantling and assembling the furniture or do you even need them to help with packing the boxes?

If you have a rough idea, then you can start. There are different ways to get moving quotes in your region. The first way is to simply call moving and cleaning companies and ask. In order for them to help you, they’ll need some information:

  • day of the relocation
  • square meters of your apartment
  • address of your old and new apartment
  • floor number of the apartments
  • availability of an elevator
Request online moving quotes


Price differences in the online moving quotes – What to look out for

When getting online moving quotes, we tend to pick the cheapest one. But it’s worth checking twice. Moving and cleaning companies don’t always calculate the costs after the same scheme. Some companies offer a fixed price, whereas others offer hourly prices.

Fixed Prices: Fixed prices aren’t that common, because the customer benefits if the move takes longer than expected. Fixed prices can be calculated a bit more generously than hourly prices. However, if there are any unexpected difficulties and the move takes longer, you can save a lot of money. You can especially benefit, if you compare different companies that offer fixed prices.

Hourly Prices: With hourly prices, companies often state less hours of work. Because of that, you shouldn’t organize a moving company, that offers hourly prices with no ceiling limit of expenses. A ceiling limit of expenses means that the company sets a maximum price and you won’t pay more than that amount. If the relocation takes less time, you win. You’ll only pay for the actual working hours and some money.

Read the small print

Look out for hidden costs. The following points can lead to additional costs and should be clarified before booking the company:

  • fuel
  • value added tax
  • heavy objects (e.g. piano, washing machine etc.)
  • arrival and return
  • furniture lift
  • hourly prices: When does it start counting? Is there a minimal amount of hours?

Some moving companies even include the final cleaning. There it’s the same thing: compare the online moving quotes from different companies and make sure that they offer the handover guarantee.

Who has to pay…

You should clarify insurance matters. Who is responsible if a box full of porcelain falls down the stairs? The company should have a transport and business liability insurance. In case of deductible, you should look for a different moving company.

Minimize your effort when requesting online moving quotes

Calling and searching for reasonable offers sounds like a lot of work. Each company wants the same information. It’s also stressful to manage all the home visits and by the third appointment it gets annoying. That’s why it’s different with MOVU. Instead of giving your information to different moving and cleaning companies, you only need to do it once with MOVU. You can either do this with a video, with pictures, with an online inventory list, or on the phone with one of our Move Captains. In this way, you can do everything from your couch. Shortly after your request, the first online movign quotes will be flying in. Each offer at MOVU always entails:

  • fixed prices
  • vehicle including fuel
  • arrival and departure
  • transportation
  • transport insurance
  • helpers
  • loading and unloading
  • handover guarantee after the cleaning

Also, you’ll benefit from the people who moved before you. Their ratings will help you form an image of which company suits you the best. If you can’t decide or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

MOVU’s online moving quotes : Those are the advantages

Firstly, you save a lot of time, because you get 5 online moving quotes with one single inquiry and because you can give all the information via virtual home visit. You only need to take pictures or videos of the things that need to be moved or you can fill in the online list. The companies that work with MOVU are reviewed and evaluated as good and trustworthy. You won’t be stuck with a sloppy provider. In addition, our customer service will help you during the whole process. No matter how small or banal your question may seem, just call and ask.

Still hesitating? No need. Requesting online moving quotes with MOVU is free of charge and non-binding. If you change your mind, then it’s fine too. But we will be pleased to accompany you during your moving day.