Moving to a new home is like spring cleaning, you have the ultimate opportunity to clean up and get rid of your old furniture. It is important to start to think about it in advance and to have an idea of what furniture you want to get rid of. Paper can be easily recycled. But what to do with old, bulky furniture and, most importantly, where to put it? You can find all the information about furniture recycling in this article.

Man who gets rid of old furnitures

Furniture recycling before planning a moving

Furniture recycling before planning your move

The first step in getting rid of your furniture is to check its condition.
Is it still in good condition? If it is still usable, you have the following options:

Sell it: The easiest way to do this is online. On Internet portals you can publish your furniture with a photo and a description, like on Ricardo. Maybe someone is interested in your sofa or wants to repaint your dining table to furnish their living room at a cheap cost.

Giving it away: it’s easy – just put it on the street and leave a “free” note. Problem – time is not always on your side and what if the chairs are still in the street after three days? In this case, it’s best to use the online variant and put things there. If not, talk to people or try the good old supermarket notice board. You know that your neighbour really likes your lamp and you don’t want to take it to your new home? Why not give it to him as a gift?

Collection points (e.g. Caritas): Even better. Your furniture is collected at your home and you are even doing a good deed. By refurbishing it, it can be bought at a lower cost by people with a smaller budget.

What if the old furniture is no longer usable? In that case, it is necessary to recycle it!

Ask yourself whether it would be wise to hire a removal company. Don’t forget that this will cost you money, usually depending on the number of cubic metres that need to be recycled and the distance between your home and the recycling center. Clearly, carrying a wall of cupboards from the fourth floor is more expensive than carrying it from the first floor.

Removal of bulky items: In each Swiss town or municipality there is a fixed date for the collection of bulky items. You can find the dates in the waste calendar of your municipality. If this is too time-consuming, you can also ask the municipality for a specific date. Find out in advance what the costs will be.

Collection/recycling centre: every municipality also has a recycling centre where you can take your furniture. Perhaps you can ask your friends if anyone has a trailer and can help you transport it, or you can request a quote. Our removal companies can provide you with a quote even if it is only a quote for the waste disposal centre.

Ordering skips: You can also order a skip from a waste disposal company and fill it yourself with some friends. Prices depend on the materials used to fill the skips.

Recycling electronic devices: Electrical appliances should not be thrown away with bulky waste. You can return them free of charge to special collection points or to an electronics shop. A recycling fee is already included in the purchase price.

We wish you every success in getting rid of your old furniture!