Approaching a move is the perfect time to rid yourself of certain furniture and items accumulated over the years. In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about furniture removal in Switzerland. Whether you want to sell your furniture in good condition or get rid of those in poor condition, we will guide you through the various options available to you.

Old furnitures in an attic

Furniture recycling before planning a move

Plan furniture recycling in advance: free up space and save money

In preparation for a move, one of the essential preliminary steps is to anticipate the sorting and clearance of certain furniture and items that no longer serve a purpose. It would be a shame to pay for the removal of furniture stored in your basement or attic, only to see them unused again in these same spaces in your future home. This approach may lead to unnecessary future expenses.

Furniture recycling : Where to start?

This step can be taken even before confirming a new residence. After all, if these items are gathering dust and are not currently in use, it’s better to plan ahead.

This step can be part of a spring cleaning. It’s true that parting with certain items can be delicate, especially if they have sentimental value. To simplify, ask yourself this key question: “When was the last time I used this item?” If the answer is “more than a year ago,” it’s time to add it to the clearance list.

Getting Rid of Furniture Yourself

Online selling your furnitures

Online platforms such as Ricardo offer the opportunity to sell your furniture. By taking the time to post a photo and a description, you might find someone interested in your sofa or willing to give a second life to your dining table.

Recycle your furniture on flea markets

In Zurich, flea markets organized by ‘kreis’ offer a friendly atmosphere. On sunny days, neighbors display their items in good condition for sale. It’s a pleasant way to socialize, make a few francs, and clear out your cellar at the same time. An approved experience!

Give away your furniture at Second hand Stores

Second hand stores accept your furniture and items. These items can be acquired at affordable prices by people on a more modest budget. However, note that in some cases, the need for a vehicle can make organization more complex.

Hiring a specialized company

Umweltklinik: An eco approved concept

Umweltklinik offers an interesting concept. You can order boxes to deposit unwanted items, and the company picks them up from your home. They also handle bulky items, making the process easier, sorting between “second hand” and “disposal items.”

Their eco-friendly approach includes sorting reusable items, with a 40% discount for customers on items that can have a second life. Items in poor condition are directed to the landfill.

Landfill as a last resort

For irrecoverable items, resorting to the landfill is inevitable. Your municipality should provide an access voucher, and it can be advantageous to empty your cellar without spending too much. For bulky items, a suitable vehicle is necessary. In case of urgency or a lack of a vehicle, you can ask your moving company to take them to the landfill.