Are you looking for an apartment in Bern? Then you should read this text. We present the most popular portals and providers for the search for accommodation in Bern. We will also give you further tips on how best to find an apartment in Bern.

The housing market in Bern

Let’s start with the housing market facts in Bern: as far as housing is concerned, Bern is a highly competitive market. According to the report on vacant apartments and workrooms in the city of Bern, only 440 apartments were vacant in 2017. However, only 338 of these apartments were really empty and unoccupied; the purchase or rental contract had already been signed for the remaining 102 properties. Depending on the district, there are more or less vacancies. The Bümplitz-Oberbottigen district has the highest number of uninhabited apartments in Bern.

1. Define your own apartment criteria

What must the new apartment in Bern offer to which you would like to move? Define your own search criteria before searching, so that you can distinguish between interesting and uninteresting apartments more quickly. Being open to everything that the housing market has to offer is not bad either, but it makes the search aimless and unspecific. So it is best to consider in advance what conditions the new home must meet.

2. Search on search portals on the Internet

As always, the Internet is the best address when it comes to finding accommodation in Bern. The following portals are available to you:

As you can see, there are many ways to find an apartment in Bern on the Internet. But during your research you will soon notice that the same apartments are advertised on most portals. A sensible tip for finding accommodation on the Internet is therefore to create a search subscription. Most real estate websites offer this option. The search subscription searches for suitable apartments according to the criteria you have specified and sends them to you by e-mail. This saves you time and tedious scrolling through the offers.

3. Search in social networks

Facebook is definitely a good address to find an apartment in Bern. See if there are any Facebook groups where individuals post their apartments in Bern. In most cases, however, you will need to be a member of these groups. You can easily request these from the group administrator. The advantage: If you go to your Facebook start page, you will see all newly added ads as a post.

4. The bulletin board

Even if it sounds old-fashioned, the bulletin board is still a highly frequented place for announcements in some areas. Look in public places like in a supermarket to see if apartments are advertised in Bern. You have to go shopping anyway, so it can’t hurt and who knows, maybe you will find your very personal dream home in Bern.

5. A friend of a friend: vitamin B while looking for a flat in Bern

Use your friends and acquaintances to find accommodation. Because even if online has become the be-all and end-all when it comes to finding accommodation, there is still a lot going on offline. A friend often knows a friend who knows someone who will soon be moving out of a beautiful and very affordable apartment in Bern. It also does no harm to share the search intentions in one’s own social media.

6. The network of the own property management

If you are moving within Bern, you can also ask your property management for available apartments in Bern. Property management companies are often well connected in the real estate scene and are the first to know if a tenant wants to move out of one of their properties in Bern.

7. Read advertisements in local newspapers in Bern

Newspapers are a dated medium, but older people still like to use them for advertisements. If you are looking for a place to live, check out the local newspapers in Bern, where you will always find great housing offers in the best locations.

8. Advertise yourself and let yourself be found

Since many house and apartment owners in Bern do not want to hold long casting sessions with potential tenants, some of them prefer to look for a suitable tenant for their property on their own. For this reason it does not hurt to spread a personal and sympathetic advertisement about yourself in many ways (online and offline). Remember to always give your contact details clearly visible so that you can be reached easily and quickly.

9. Our tip for your apartment search in Bern

Start your apartment search at “Ron Orp Bern” right at the beginning. Under the heading “Real Estate” private persons can advertise apartments and/or shared flat rooms. Go there every now and then when you are looking for an apartment, it is certainly worthwhile.

Bern Tenants’ Association – The first point of contact for problems

If you have found your dream apartment in Bern, then hopefully everything is fine and you will be able to move to Bern without any difficulties. However, if problems arise again and again with the property management or the neighbors, please contact the Tenants’ Association of Bern. The tenants’ association is the first point of contact in rental disputes and problems and specializes in questions regarding rental law. On the website you will also find numerous articles on the topics of rent and tenancy law.

Information: If the move to Bern is imminent, you will find here the most important addresses in Bern.