Are you looking for an apartment in the canton or the city of Zurich, but don’t know where to start looking? We have the right article for you. We give you general tips as well as a list of the most important online portals and places to look for an apartment in Zürich.

The housing market in Zurich

It is not easy to find an apartment in Zurich and the surrounding area. The vacancy rate – the ratio of empty apartments to the total housing stock – in the canton of Zurich was 0.99% on June 1, 2018, an increase of 0.90% over the previous year. You can find all information here.

If you are planning to move to the city of Zurich, things look even less rosy. Not much has changed in the city over the last year in terms of vacant apartments, and the number of vacant apartments has remained constant at a relatively low level.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let your head hang down, because with our tips the hope of moving to Zurich is not lost.

Determine the search criteria at the beginning

First of all, you should carefully consider which criteria your dream apartment in Zurich should satisfy. Having your own ideas and wishes regarding a new apartment in Zurich precisely defined in advance makes the apartment search significantly easier..

Search criteria are, for example, the size of the apartment, the available parking space, the location or the maximum rent.

Find suitable apartments in Zürich on online search portals

One of the most important places to find an apartment in Zurich is the Internet. There are numerous real estate portals, but you will soon notice that often the same apartments are advertised again and again.

The following Swiss search portals are the most used:

You can see that there are numerous real estate platforms on the Internet where your perfect apartment could be offered. Most platforms offer the possibility to create a search subscription for free. You can set up the Abo individually based on your search criteria so that you are immediately notified by e-mail if a suitable apartment is listed.

Modern apartment search in social networks

Nowadays social networks are used a lot. It is therefore not surprising that you can search for and find an apartment in Zurich on Facebook, for example. On Facebook, you can search for groups in which apartments are advertised by private individuals.

But these groups are usually exclusive, so you have to send a request to the owner of the group so that you can become a member of the group

Notice board – Oldschool but not to be underestimated

The notice board has become a discontinued model in the modern world, but it can still be worth it. Message boards are most likely to be found in places where many people pass by, such as shopping malls or universities. On such boards, you might find a small advertisement for a city apartment in the canton or city of Zurich.

Your own property management with its connections

If you already live in Zurich and are moving within the city or the canton, you should definitely contact your property management. They most likely manage a large number of properties in Zurich, which makes them very well connected.

If someone moves out within the managed apartments, the property management will in most cases find out about this from the very beginning – even before an advertisement is published on the housing market. So it does not hurt to ask your own management about suitable accommodation that is vacant or will be vacant in the near future.

Good contacts for the apartment search in Zurich

Through your group of friends, you will achieve a higher range in your search for an apartment. Tell all your colleagues that you are looking for an apartment in Zurich. In the best case, they will tell their friends and acquaintances.

This increases the likelihood that you will be among the first ones to know when an apartment becomes available. In addition, you have the advantage that you may even be recommended by colleagues when applying for an apartment.

Zurich local newspapers with their apartment advertisements

Printed newspapers are no longer used as often as they once were, but they are still used for advertising, especially by older people. It certainly does no harm to skim through the local newspapers in Zurich and search for apartment offers.

Let them find you through self-insertion

Since apartments are scarce in most areas of the canton of Zurich and at the same time there is a high demand, the search for housing becomes a difficult undertaking. This is why an extremely large number of interested parties usually come to view apartments, which can be quite nerve-wracking for the apartment owners.

In order to prevent landlords from being overrun by potential tenants, they do not publish the apartment offer. They look for themselves rather a suitable tenants.

Therefore it can be worthwhile itself for you to place an advertisement, in which you present yourself. Indicate who you are, what your ideas are regarding a new apartment, etc. Important: place your contact details in a clearly visible position.

If there is a problem: “Mieterverband” in Zurich

You have found your dream apartment in Zurich and the move has been successfully completed. Unfortunately, problems or disagreements with the neighbors or with the property manager may occur from time to time. In such a case you should contact the Tenants’ Association (Mieterverband) of Zurich.

The association has experience and knowledge regarding questions about tenancy law. The Tenants’ Association offers you help from experts in various fields such as tenancy law advice, legal advice, or advice on defects.