It is clear that a move is not free of charge. A lot comes together: rent deposit, new furniture, new telephone provider, etc. As a result, you need a lot of time to plan your entire move. As if that weren’t enough, the move itself comes along. In this article we will tell you about the various costs and how you can save some moving costs in order to get your move done as cheaply as possible. No matter if you move on your own or if you hire a cheap moving company. 

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With a good planning you can hire cheap moving companies

A moving is a big undertaking and can be very nerve-racking. Mostly you underestimate the work you have to do when you move into a new apartment. You have to take care of the rent deposit for both the old and the new apartment. In addition, you will have to give your new address to various people, such as your telephone and Internet provider or employer, and of course you will also have to move your household effects.

If you put the moving of your goods into the hands of an experienced moving company, it will take over the planning and moving of your goods. However, this also costs a lot of money. The costs of a moving company are very different and dependent on factors, like for example the size of your old and new home or the distance between the old and new residence.

The variable costs of a move

You can actively influence these cost drivers and thus save money and move cheaply:

  1. Moving goods: Thoroughly clean up before moving.
  2. Packaging material: Ask your friends if they still have packaging material in their basements.
  3. Relocation helpers: Organise friends to help you move.
  4. Moving date: Towards the end of the month and on weekends, the costs are often higher due to busy moving companies.
  5. Offers from removal companies: Request several relocation offers and make a price-performance comparison.

1. save costs on your removal goods

The amount of your inventory influences the price of a moving company considerably. A simple rule of thumb: the more goods you move and the heavier and larger the pieces of furniture are, the longer the move will take and the more it will cost.

Here you can save time and money by cleaning out everything you no longer need in your new place of residence. At the end of the day, you only relocate what you need. Not only do you save on moving costs, you also get rid of old baggage.

You can also save money by assembling and dismantling your furniture yourself. This takes more time, but the relocation company will be faster. It is also a good idea to pack the moving boxes yourself. In this way, the moving company only has to load your packed goods into the transporter and unload them again at your new place of residence.

2. Save costs on packaging material

A move begins weeks before the actual day of the relocation. You can either pack your furniture and belongings yourself or leave it to the moving company. However, it is important that you protect your belongings carefully so that no damage occurs during the move.

You therefore need good packaging material to protect your inventory and can either buy this from the moving company or buy it at a low price from a specialist store.

With this cost point you save by asking your friends if someone still has moving boxes, bubble wrap, blankets or similar items in the basement. Retailers also receive their goods in cartons, which they no longer need after unpacking. You can call various supermarkets and ask them to put banana boxes aside for you. However, you should always call early and pick up the boxes as soon as possible. Besides banana boxes, flower boxes are a good alternative.

There are also providers who lend moving boxes for a fee, which is cheaper than buying them yourself. In addition, the rented boxes do not take up any space in the new apartment because you return them.

3. Cheap moving thanks to the help of friends

Your own friends are always cheaper than relocation helpers. If you let your friends know in advance that you need help with your move, they will certainly help. You can then compensate them with a delicious dinner. If someone from your circle of friends has a suitable transporter, all the better.

Please note, however, that the transport of your belongings is not insured if you organize the move with your friends. If you move with a well insured moving company, you are well protected against damage. If your best friend drops something valuable, it is quite possible that you will be forced to pay for it.

4. Moving date: Choose wisely and book cheap moving companies

Weekends and the end of the month are both very popular moving days. Accordingly, you often pay more for the booked moving company. If you have the opportunity to move during the week, it is worth it to move on a weekday. This makes it more likely that you will move more cheaply.

5. Comparing quotes and find cheap moving companies

Have you decided to move with a professional moving company? Then you should ask for different offers and compare prices. You can do this with MOVU, for example. After a free inquiry, you will receive 5 non-binding offers from quality-tested removal companies free of charge. You can compare them online and book the most suitable offer.

If you have any questions, competent personnel will be at your side to help you clear up any confusion. In addition, real customer evaluations help you to find a suitable relocation company with a very good price-performance ratio.

When comparing offers, please note that there are different price calculations: Generally one can differentiate between fixed prices and hourly prices. For fixed prices, the price is fixed in advance and is based on your entire inventory to be relocated. If the moving company takes longer than it estimated, the price will not change. With hourly rates, as the name suggests, you pay by the number of hours of work. In the case of hourly rates, you should definitely agree on a cost ceiling so that the price does not become immeasurable.

Good planning for a cheap move

You can’t get around the fact that you have to pay for a move. But you have the possibility to reduce the moving costs with a few tricks. The key is: excellent planning and your own contribution.