You’ve been invited to a housewarming party, but you have no idea what to bring as a gift. No problem! We’ve listed all the housewarming gift ideas to help you choose.

Does your friend love to cook? Our gift ideas for their housewarming

gift basket and wine to offer

Housewarming gifts for the kitchen

Gift idea number 1: The gift basket

If the person hosting the housewarming party has just moved in, they probably haven’t had time to stock their cupboards. If your host likes to cook and welcome his or her friends home, a gift basket for the kitchen will certainly please them.

How can you create a gift basket?

You can buy your gift basket directly online or make it yourself. For this, you will need :

  • a wicker basket
  • some decorative paper
  • the different products you want to offer (a jar of Himalayan salt, a jar of homemade jam, walnut oil, different spices, etc)
  • transparent gift paper
  • a decorative bow

Place the decorative paper at the bottom of your basket. Arrange the different products nicely on top of it. If there is a gap between the products, fill it with the decorative paper to keep everything in place. Close your garnished basket with transparent wrapping paper and tie it with a pretty decorative bow. That’s it!

Gift idea number 2: A good bottle of wine

If you don’t have time to prepare your gift in advance, a bottle of wine is always a good gift idea. Go to a supermarket or specialist store and buy a quality bottle for your friend’s new wine cellar.

Remember to buy a gift bag specially designed for wine bottles!

Gift idea number 3: The discovery box

Your friend has a new capsule coffee machine? Give him/her a gift box of coffee capsules.

Our advice: Take note of the brand of the coffee machine because not all capsules match.

These boxes can contain absolutely everything, so vary this idea according to your friend’s tastes. Discovery boxes may contain tea, honey, mustard, chocolate, etc.

You can also offer a discovery box for the bathroom (filled with creams, scrubs, bubble baths, etc.).

Your friend one has not yet decorated his/her home: our housewarming gift ideas

Flowers and plants

Flowers and plants as housewarming gifts

Gift idea number 4: The houseplant

A new flat always lacks decoration and greenery in the early days. If your friend has a green thumb, buy him/her a houseplant or a voucher for a garden centre.

Current trends: Monstera, sansevière, aloe vera

Gift idea number 5: A bouquet of flowers

For all those who don’t necessarily have a green thumb but who like to have a bit of nature in their home, a bouquet of flowers is ideal.

Our tip: Buy a beautiful vase for your friend to put his or her bouquet of flowers in. Maybe he doesn’t have one yet or his vase is still packed in the moving boxes.

Gift idea number 6: A set of photo frames

Before the housewarming party, select your best photos with your friend who is organising the housewarming party and print them out. Buy a photo frame that allows you to hang several photos or several photo frames of different sizes. All you have to do is slide your photos directly into the frame.

With this original gift, your friend will feel right at home!

Pictures with frames on the wall

Frames with your best memories as a housewarming gift