You’ve moved or you’re in the middle of it? In order for you to feel immediately at home in your new surroundings, you should put a special focus on your future lighting concept. The right light not only provides the best possible lighting for the room, but also creates more living quality. The right luminaire as well as the right illuminant and light color are of particular relevance.

lighting in apartment

Types of lighting: basic lighting, area lighting and accent lighting

The lighting in a room can be divided into three parts. Basic lighting is used for orientation in the room and is usually provided by ceiling and/or wall luminaires. Despite the pleasantly soft and, in most cases, shadow-free light, it is too dark or simply not optimally positioned for some visual tasks.

A remedy here is provided by so-called area lighting. Floor lamps or table luminaires provide comfortable additional light in specific areas. This makes a cozy reading evening in your favorite armchair even more fun.

Accent lighting, on the other hand, is a visual highlight. As the name suggests, this type of lighting creates small accents that enhance the appearance of your room. Salt crystal lights, luminous decorative figures or LED strips are just a few of the ways in which various details of your home can be skillfully accentuated.

Using light colors correctly

Whether warm-white, universal-white or daylight-white light – when used correctly, it creates the desired ambience in every room. It’ s a good thing that when you buy modern illuminants such as LED lamps, you can easily choose between different light colors.

Lamps with warm white light are particularly suitable for your living space because of their cozy effect. In contrast, universal white light is more suitable for offices and home offices, as it is more objective and sober and therefore allows concentration to be better maintained. The bluish light, which on the other hand emanates from the light color daylight, is mostly used in industrial lighting and appears very cool to many people.

Finding the right luminaire for your individual furnishing style

Now that you know which light color and type of lighting you need to choose for a feel-good atmosphere, all you need is the right design for your new dream lamps. And of course there are no limits to your imagination.

Do you want to remain true to your existing line even after moving or do you dare a completely new furnishing style? Let yourself be inspired by a large selection of different hanging, ceiling, table and floor lamps.

Those who prefer a modern style should focus on a clear line and high functionality. The country house style, on the other hand, gives your four walls a rustic charm and focuses above all on wood and wrought-iron elements. Those who prefer a more noble look will never be wrong with a classic luminaire.

Was your desired style already included? Or do you want to be inspired by other style ideas? Perhaps a new luminaire in Scandinavian, industrial or maritime style? Find your new dream lighting fitting to your furnishing style on and convince yourself of a large variety of ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and decorative lamps.

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