Each customer who books a move on MOVU.ch, has the option to book the MOVEasy insurance. MOVEasy is an insurance package developed by MOVU and Baloise with a value of CHF 200 and comprises two components: a classic “All Risk removal insurance” and the “Bad Frog insurance”.

a green frog sits on a grey stone

Comprehensive protection during your move

Moving is stressful! An added point of stress is the risk a move carries towards all your precious goods. To counteract this, MOVU and Baloise have joined forces and created the “All-Risk removal insurance”. The insurance covers all goods during the move against damage of any kind at replacement value. In other words, if damage occurs the MOVU customer will be paid the replacement value of the damaged goods and not just the current market value.

No strings attached – trial run your new home

The second component of the MOVEasy package is the “Bad Frog Insurance”. This insurance revolutionizes the moving experience in an innovative way. It allows you to put your new home on trial, in other words: If the new place doesn’t work out within the first three months after moving in, for example, because the neighbours are unbearable or the new job proves to be a bad decision, the insurance will cover the costs of a move into another home.

A carefree relocation experience is guaranteed

MOVU is pleased to offer the MOVEasy insurance package with every booking. This gives the young company a unique selling point over its competitors in the removal market and guarantees its customers a carefree, safe and relaxed moving service.