39 boxes and a maximum of 10 km – that’s how the average Swiss moves! Up to 40,000 data records have been evaluated: the results of the first-time survey of Swiss moving habits are now available. MOVU published the results today. The start-up from Zurich has been making it easier to organize removals throughout Switzerland since 2014. With the annual publication of the Study, the young company strengthens its position as a relocation expert.

“For many people moving is stressful,” says Laurent Decrue, founder and CEO of MOVU. “We try to reduce this risk by constantly expanding our expertise in the organization of relocations.” Since its foundation in 2014, the young company, headquartered in Zurich, has already assisted more than 15,000 customers throughout Switzerland in moving. With this study, MOVU is now taking the next step in strengthening its position as a relocation expert. This is because the newly acquired data, which is collected on a broad basis, goes beyond geographical information. The amount of anonymized data enables MOVU to gain a deeper insight into the Swiss people’s moving habits. Result: MOVU’s customers benefit from a more supportive service.

In order for MOVU to acquire data the start-up Marie Merle, head of customer experience at MOVU, worked with the statistician Prof. Dr. Heike Bornewasser-Hermes from Germany together. The company had up to 40,000 data records from the last two years evaluated anonymously. Among other things, the results provide insights into the motivation for moving and the average distance covered, or which pieces of furniture are moved most frequently.

The Swiss tend to be loyal to their quarters

A large part of the moves is of very short distance. 13.2 percent of the relocations are even within one kilometer. While just 8 percent of all respondents moved more than 100 kilometers away from their place of residence, 54.6 percent and thus more than half of the moves took place at a maximum distance of 10 kilometers. It is therefore probable that most of the people moving will remain very close to their previous place.

Amusing moving characteristics: The chair as the most moved piece of furniture

In addition to informative facts, the study also provides some entertaining insights into the moving habits of Swiss people. The average move counts for almost 40 boxes. Per person, this amounts to 21.79 boxes per move. A further result: before the bed is moved, the storage furniture, shelf and cupboard are brought to the new place of residence. A result that confirms the cliché of the orderly Swiss.

Reasons for the survey

The relocation study is to be carried out annually from now on and published in September each year at the start of the relocation season. The study results are important for MOVU because they help the company to make it even easier for its customers to organize their relocations. “Previous studies have been limited to where the Swiss move from, but without detailing the motivations and how they do it,” says Laurent Decrue. “Thanks to our platform, we have access to detailed information that we can use for this purpose. This enables us to get to know our customers even better and to tailor our service to their needs.”

A microsite has been online since this morning as an information platform with the study results: https://www.movu.ch/en/moving-survey-2017/

About MOVU

MOVU is an established start-up based in Zurich. The online platform for moving and cleaning was founded in May 2014, and MOVU has since been assisting over 15,000 customers with moving. MOVU provides quality-assured and regional removal and cleaning companies. At the same time, the company brings transparency to the Swiss relocation market. MOVU is the best-known and largest relocation platform in Switzerland with over 3,000 customer enquiries per month. The company has been part of the Baloise Group since June 2017.


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