Loud music at the neighbours’ can quickly become unbearable, especially if you have an early morning meeting. But can you forbid your neighbours to party? Here is a summary of what you can do under the law.

cocktails with friends

Are parties allowed as a tenant?

Of course, any tenant can have a party at their flat and enjoy a drink with friends while listening to music. The law cannot prohibit parties. However, it does define time slots during which the volume must be reduced:

  • in the evening after 10pm until 6am
  • on Sundays and public holidays

So, the question is obvious: How do you party without making any noise after 10pm?

The answer is common sense! If you party every weekend, all night, then you risk the police turning up more than once. But if you’re having a housewarming party and then celebrate your birthday a few weeks later, that’s pretty reasonable.

And if you’ve warned your neighbours with a note in the stairwell, you don’t have to go radio silent from 10.01 pm. Just make sure you stay off your balcony, close the windows and turn the volume down a little.

Are your neighbours partying and the noise is a bit loud?

Before you call the police directly and get into a fight with your neighbours, go and talk to them calmly. Ask them nicely to turn down the volume if it is late. But if you ever want to party, you’ll be glad you have tolerant neighbours because you let them party two or three times!