In principle, one cannot prohibit the use of musical instruments by a person renting a flat. This would be against the freedom of the tenant. On the other hand, living in a community means respecting your neighbours. This is why certain rules apply and are described in the settlement in a rental property.

hands playing guitar

Musical instruments and noise from neighbours

The use of a musical instrument is one of the noises that can disturb neighbours in a rental property, especially if the flat is poorly insulated. Just like the use of the laundry room, the use of the balcony or the organisation of parties, there are rules that must be respected to ensure a pleasant environment for the neighbours.

What does the law say?

The law does not forbid the use of musical instruments during the day for people renting a flat. However, after 10pm in the evening, music players must stop playing and remain silent until 6am or 7am the next morning.

In your rental agreement, it may also be stipulated how long you are allowed to play music per day. It usually states that 90 or 120 minutes per day is allowed.

‘Noisy’ musical instruments in a rented accommodation

A guitar does not make the same noise as a drum set. If a tenant plays a “noisy” musical instrument, he or she should limit the hours of rehearsal and not start playing at 6 a.m. in order to ensure a “bearable” living environment for his or her neighbourhood.

If the situation is not bearable: for example, if a neighbour plays drums every morning at 7am, the neighbours can inform the agency or the owner of their dissatisfaction.

If the situation persists, the owner or estate agency could define new rules with the musician. If these new rules are not respected, the lease contract could be terminated in order to guarantee a certain quality of life for the other tenants.