What can you do as a tenant? The house rules help to improve community life.

As a tenant, there are rules that you must follow for the sake of community life. However, it is important to know the law and to understand when a house rule respects your rights as an individual and when not. In this article we will cover every topic regarding the rules in a rental property, what is expected of a tenant and what cannot be asked of you.

frogs in house

Like many tenants in Switzerland, you probably have a shared laundry room in your building. When can you use the washing machine and tumble dryer? What are the rules?

What is better than enjoying your balcony in summer, right? But can you do everything you want on your balcony? Barbecues, parties and landscaping, we tell you everything you need to know about respecting the rules and your neighbourhood.

The pram and the shoe rack in the stairwell are useful: but are you allowed to store things in the common areas?

Is it possible to keep an animal in your apartment with a rental contract? Under what conditions and for which animal?

What is the solution found to satisfy music lovers and lovers of silence?

How can you organise parties at home while limiting the inconvenience to your neighbours?

No customer service for children, you have to deal with screaming and crying. A few tips for keeping good relations with your neighbours.

Can you paint a wall in your rented flat? And do you have to repaint your wall when you move out? Find out about your rights and obligations in this regard.

Can a tenant be banned from smoking? If you smoke in your rental property, what are the consequences?

In all cases and regardless of the rules, common sense applies and tenants must take their neighbours into account. In case of doubt, each tenant can contact ASLOCA  in Romandie or Mieterverband in Swiss German part to clarify certain situations.