Children scream, shout and cry: this is normal, they are learning to control their emotions. But the noise can quickly become unbearable for the other inhabitants of the building. What can neighbours, parents and the estate agency do? We explain.

child on a rug playing music

Noise from neighbours’ children

When you live in a rented flat, noise from the neighbours’ flat can quickly become a nuisance. While there are rules and time slots for loud parties and musical instruments, it is impossible to establish a rule in the building for children’s noise.

Are the children in the flat next door crying all the time?

First of all, if the noise is annoying you, consider that the noise is also annoying the parents who are probably trying to calm their child.

But you can discuss this with your neighbours one day so that they realise that the noise is affecting other flats, in case they aren’t aware.

Rights of families

Tenancy law protects families. If children make noise as children, the rental agreement cannot be terminated on that basis alone. This would be an unfair termination, which tenants can report in writing to the local conciliation authority within 30 days.

Furthermore, the desire to have children for tenants is also not admissible for termination of a lease by a landlord.

What can families do?

Just because families are not at risk of having their lease terminated does not mean that the door is open to anything and everything.

Think of the neighbours who want to enjoy a quiet moment. Take your children to the park on Sundays to let off steam. This will allow your neighbours to enjoy a good nap in the week.