Packing before the move is an inconvenient matter. The countless hours it takes to clear out everything before you get to pack at all are very tediously spent time. If you add precious items that have to be specially packed, the chaos is complete. We show you how to pack your items correctly so that you do not have to take out insurance after the day of the move.

Valuable items on a table

Get enough boxes

Make sure that you have enough boxes when planning your move. This prevents the overfilling of removal boxes and the breaking of objects.

Cushion fragile valuables

To ensure that your valuables arrive in good condition in your new home, you should pad them as well as possible. Old newspapers are an inexpensive cushioning material. Don’t use them for dishes though, because newspapers might leave stains on them.

Also, if possible, keep the filling material or the polystyrene packaging of purchased items, so that you can transport your valuables directly in the original packaging (e.g. PCs or kitchen appliances).

Bubble wrap is also very suitable for fragile items; you can get these at a low price from a DIY store or, in some cases, even from the removal company you hired.

Keep important documents safe

Don’t just throw important documents into one of your boxes. It’s better to rent a safe for the duration of the move where you store all important documents. You can also consult your bank about a safe.

Bulky valuable items

Do you have bulky valuable items such as instruments, antiques or large decorative items that need to be relocated? It is best to wrap them in padded blankets. You might already have protective materials from the time they were delivered to your home. Otherwise you can find blankets online.

Do you have a piano that you want to transport to the new apartment? Find some information on how to transport your piano here.

Also make sure to secure large objects properly in the moving van. Otherwise they might become damaged or damage other objects.

Preparing plants for transport

Plants and flowering pots should not be stored in boxes, as this can cause damage. Also make sure that you do not water the plants on the day you move.

If you want to transport your plants lying down, you should take them out of the pot, wrap the earth with plastic foil and put it in a plastic bag. That way no moisture will be lost.

To protect the leaves, you need a large carton that provides enough space for the plants. For small plants you can cut open a plastic bottle and put it over the plant, which should suffice as protection. It is best to transport the plants in a private vehicle and not together with all other things.