Did you know? Your move can be partly or fully funded by your company. As an employee, you can ask your employer if you are entitled to a relocation allowance. Find out how to get your relocation allowance in this article.

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How do you know if you are entitled to a relocation allowance?

If you are entitled to a relocation allowance, your employment contract should say so. If it doesn’t, you can always ask your manager or human resources about it.

Ask your employer for a relocation allowance

If your employer does not offer a relocation allowance for employees, this is something you can still negotiate at an interview or once in the company.

Especially in the case of a transfer, do not hesitate to ask for a relocation allowance, as the costs are much higher due to the distance. Moving to another canton costs a few hundred francs more than moving to the same city. If you are moving abroad, the final price will be much more expensive.

The financing of your handover cleaning can also be negotiated. In Switzerland, a professional handover cleaning with a handover guarantee is a significant part of the cost of a move and can be included in your moving costs.

Your move with MOVU financed by your company

Request 5 free moving quotes from movu.ch. The best thing to do afterwards is to ask for an in-home visit with the removal company that interests you the most and/or is the most cost-effective. This is important because the moving quote may vary after the visit if, for example, if items from the inventory were missing. If your company agrees to pay for your entire move, it is best to have a final fixed price quote. You will be in contact with our customer service department who will guide you through the process.

You can then proceed in accordance with your company’s regulations. You can then submit the moving quote for approval. MOVU is flexible: we can send the invoice directly to your employer if they have given us written confirmation of payment. So you don’t have to pay anything upfront if your company pays in full.

Alternatively, you can pay in advance and transfer the invoice for your move to your employer and receive payment once you’re settled in your new home.