High prices, a new field of work, or a change of scenery can be the reasons for changing a rented apartment and looking for a new successor tenant. But when looking for a suitable replacement, there are some things that need to be considered, which we explain in this article.

Two young women sit at a table and look for a new tenant for their apartment

When and why is it necessary to look for new tenants?

The reasons for looking for a new tenant can be different. For some, it is a new job and others want to save money or live in a new place. At the beginning of every tenancy, a contract is signed, in which all details are regulated. For a new apartment, the move-in date usually falls on the first of the next month. However, the normal notice period is three months. In this situation, there are two different options:

1. Following the period of notice

If you follow the notice period, you basically pay twice. They pay rent for the remaining months of the old apartment and rent for the new apartment.

2. Search for a substitute tenant and move out earlier

Finding a replacement tenant is perfectly legal and legitimate. The new tenant must only be able to pay the rent under the same conditions. To be released from the contract early, the tenant must be found and the landlord must accept it. It is best to propose several people to the landlord to minimize the risk of rejection.



What is an out-of-term move-out?

As the name suggests, it is a move-out or move-in that does not coincide with the termination dates and deadlines of the contract. Nowadays, tenants usually want to move out immediately or by the end of the month. However, this is only possible if certain hurdles are met because generally, a notice period of at least three months applies. There is one exception, however. Anyone who finds a reasonable replacement tenant can be released from the obligations of the contract and leave the apartment without notice. But here, too, a notice period of around 30 days applies. Simply moving out of the apartment without notice is not particularly easy.

How to find a new tenant?

There are a few things to consider when searching for the right next tenant. Depending on the situation, the search can be simple or complicated. Especially with uncooperative landlords, it can be difficult. For this reason, the search should be approached thoughtfully.

The first point refers to the writing of the apartment advertisement. Advertisements with a picture are best recommended because photos can make the difference between success and failure. But the quality of the shot pictures must also fit. Therefore, the pictures must be taken in daylight. In addition, the apartment should be tidy. Image editing should be avoided as much as possible because they do not reflect reality.

With each advertisement, you will find a short text about the apartment. This should be as short and concise as possible. There are various possibilities for an advertisement:

  • Newspaper
  • Regional newspaper (for rental apartments in the country)
  • Internet

After placing the advertisement, the first inquiries should arrive soon. It is best to invite several candidates at once to increase the chance of finding a suitable tenant. It also saves a lot of time. If the impression is positive, the first data can be exchanged and recorded. Especially in large cities, a large proportion of interested parties bring their documents with them. The viewing appointment can also be written in the advertisement in case of fixed times. Alternatively, it is advisable to arrange an appointment.

Tenant’s rights when looking for a new tenant

In general, every tenant has the right to terminate his contract if something comes up in his life. When looking for a new tenant, the tenant is granted special rights. He can choose people from his circle of persons, who in his opinion are suitable for the rented apartment. The proposals are handed over to the landlord and checked.

Requirements for the new tenant

In the best case, the new tenant must have the same income and family circumstances as the previous tenant. In principle, an equivalent replacement is sought. Therefore, the new tenant must be willing to move into the apartment under the same conditions. According to the law, the landlord is not allowed to change the price if another tenant is being searched for.

Are landlords allowed to refuse new tenants?

In principle, every landlord has the right to refuse a tenant. The presented candidate must be reasonable and suitable for the apartment. Among other things, large families are not suitable to move into a 2-room apartment. In addition, the environment of the apartment has an influence on it. For example, if only senior citizens would live in the house, the landlord may reject the proposed person. A shared apartment with students can also become a problem, as they are not always able to pay. Those who cannot find a suitable next tenant will have to pay more. After the normal notice period, it is the landlord’s problem to find a new tenant for his apartment.


Looking for a new tenant for his old apartment can be easy or difficult. Due to the change of a job or other reasons, there are some things to consider when looking for a new tenant. This person must fulfill the conditions of the contract under the same conditions as his predecessor. In addition, he should have similar circumstances in the area of money or family. The landlord can reject the proposal if the person does not fit into the house. The general notice period of a rented apartment is 3 months. Shorter terms are possible only if the suitable successor is found in a short period of time and certain conditions are met.