If you are looking for an apartment in Basel and enter “Apartment in Basel” in your search engine, you will find a large selection of search portals and providers on which apartments in Basel are advertised. Before you lose track of the Basel housing market, we have compiled the most important tips for finding accommodation in Basel.

The housing market in Basel

The Basel housing market is one of the most competitive housing markets in Switzerland. Although there is an increasing number of vacant apartments, Basel Stadt is at the bottom of the list: the city remains densely populated and vacant apartments are scarce. In August 2017 there were only 546 empty apartments in Basel City.

The rent depends on the residential area. The most expensive residential areas are the old town of Grossbasel and Bruderholz. The cheapest residential areas are Klybeck, Kleinhüningen and Rosental.

Define your own search criteria

First of all, you should decide for yourself exactly what kind of apartment you are looking for in Basel. Because if you know your search criteria, ou can find potential apartments on the Basel housing market that you would like to move to more quickly.. Search criteria include the size of the apartment, the amount of the rent, the location and additional facilities such as balcony and parking spaces.

Search for the right apartment on search portals

The Internet is still the most important source for finding a suitable apartment in Basel. There are numerous real estate sites where private individuals or real estate companies can place advertisements from Basel-Stadt or Baselland. Below we have listed the most common pages for an apartment search in Basel:

As you can see, there are numerous real estate platforms on the Internet that offer apartments in Basel. But you will soon notice that on most pages more or less the same apartments are advertised. Some platforms therefore offer searchers a subscription to search for apartments according to the previously defined criteria. These will then be sent to you by email. This will save you a lot of search time and effort.

More tips for your apartment search in Basel

In addition to the common and well-known platforms for finding accommodation in Basel, there are also platforms that are less well known and may therefore offer real treasures. These include Ron Orp Basel and the Unimarkt Basel. On these two portals, private individuals advertise their apartments free of charge, especially if the period of notice has not yet expired and the tenants themselves have to take care of a successor.

Social media for apartment search

Social media is also always a good way to find an apartment in Basel. For example, search for an apartment in Basel on Facebook and click your way through the advertisements and group pages. These platforms are also used by private individuals.

The bulletin board

Even if it seems old-fashioned, so-called “bulletin boards” are still in use. You can find them in social places such as supermarkets. Apartments are often advertised there and perhaps the chaos of notes on the notice board offers one or the other Basel dream home.

Network and acquaintances

Even if more and more is happening online, your network and circle of friends are indispensable when looking for accommodation in Basel: post that you are looking for accommodation on social media and tell as many friends and acquaintances as possible. Because most of the time someone knows someone who is moving out or letting an apartment. In addition, housing search conversations often reveal insider knowledge that would otherwise never have found their way to the surface.

Ask your property manager

If you already live in Basel and want to move within the city, call your building manager. Property management companies usually manage a large number of properties in the city and are therefore well connected. They often know about empty apartments before they are even advertised.

Browse newspaper advertisements

Older people’s properties in particular are often still advertised in newspapers. Take a look at the local newspapers, as they advertise classified ads for apartments in Basel-Stadt or Baselland.

Advertise yourself: Let yourself be found

Since the housing market in Basel is highly competitive, some homeowners and condominium owners do not want to arrange endless tenant castings, but take the initiative themselves and search for suitable tenants on their own initiative. Means: They have to be able to find you! Advertise your apartment wishes and contact details on social media and bulletin boards and wait and see. Who knows, maybe your future landlord will call you tomorrow or write you an email.  

The Basel Tenants’ Association – In case of problems

Once you have found an apartment in Basel, everything is hopefully fine and you are happy in your new home. If this is not the case and there are disputes between you and the landlord or the property management, it is best to contact the Basel Tenants’ Association. They are the first point of contact for tenants in Basel with questions and problems relating to rent and tenancy law. On the website there are numerous informative articles on the subject of renting. The tenants’ association also offers a hotline where specialized lawyers answer tenancy law questions over the phone. The service costs 4.40 CHF per minute.

Information: If your move to Basel is imminent, you can find the most important addresses in Basel here.