Are you planning a relocation in Lucerne and are now looking for an apartment in Lucerne? Then read this text! Because we give you important tips for finding accommodation in Lucerne and tell you about which pages and at which locations you can find your future dream home in Lucerne.

The housing market in Lucerne

Lucerne has a hotly contested housing market: vacant apartments are rare, which in turn has a direct impact on rental prices and the search for accommodation in Lucerne. But the situation seems to have eased in the last two years: In 2016 and 2017, the vacancy rate exceeded 1% for the first time since the measurements began, whereby the vacancy rate measures the proportion of vacant apartments in the total housing stock. But there are differences here: Apartments up to three rooms are vacant significantly more often than apartments with more than 4 rooms.

1. Define your own search criteria: What do I want?

Before you start looking for an apartment, you should first ask yourself what exactly you are looking for, what location the new apartment should have and what conditions it should fulfil. This will help you in your search and make it easier to separate the essential from the unimportant. Because you will see, the Lucerne housing market can be a little confusing and with a clear apartment vision the search is much easier.

2. Important real estate platforms

The Internet is indispensable when looking for accommodation in Lucerne. There are numerous websites on which apartments in Lucerne and the surrounding area are advertised. We have compiled the most important real estate platforms:

When you visit these platforms, you will notice that the same apartments are advertised again and again on most of them. In order not to end up repeatedly on the same advertisements, it makes sense to sign up for a search subscription. Many real estate platforms offer this possibility to the apartment seekers, in order to bring some structure into the chaos. A search subscription is usually free of charge and filters out the apartments that match your search criteria. The offers will then be sent to you by e-mail. Try it out, it saves you a lot of search time.

3 Social networks

As the name suggests, social networks have the advantage that they are social and connected. They are useful when looking for accommodation in Lucerne. For example, Facebook is a good address, there are groups like “If you are looking for an apartment – here you will be helped” on which private persons regularly publish advertisements about apartments. However, these groups are often closed and you must make a request for membership to the group administrator. Check back regularly – it’s definitely worth it.

4. Oldschool but useful: The bulletin board

Even though it sounds oldschool, it’s still a useful tip when it comes to finding accommodation in Lucerne: The bulletin board. These can be found all over the city, especially in “social places” such as the supermarket. Looking regularly at the bulletin boards sounds like a lot of work and is probably an unconventional way to find an apartment, but who knows, maybe your efforts will be rewarded with the discovery of a particularly great apartment.

5. Without vitamin B it doesn’t work

Of course vitamin B is (almost) everything when looking for a place to live. Ask friends and acquaintances from Lucerne or the surrounding area if you can help. Because, as always, someone usually knows someone who in turn knows someone who has an apartment to let. And if you go through unofficial channels, this usually increases your chances of getting a flat. That’s why you should always mention that you’re looking for a place to live. It won’t hurt, anyway.

6. The property management can help you

Property management companies are often particularly well connected in the housing business. For this reason, it makes sense to ask your own administration for free or vacant apartments.

7. Browse newspaper advertisements

Newspapers are still a popular medium for older people to place advertisements for many things, including apartments. Have a look at the advertising section of Lucerne’s local newspapers.

8. Advertise yourself

Apartment owners are also annoyed by the endlessly long apartment inspection casting with potential tenants. For this reason, some decide to look for a suitable tenant for their property on their own. It is therefore advisable to place an ad about your own search intentions and to advertise yourself, so to speak. Write not only about your apartment wishes, but also a few lines about yourself. And very important: Provide your contact details prominently.

9. Last tip: Pssst attention secret

This platform is no longer quite a secret, but certainly worth a visit: “Ron Orp Lucerne“. On Ron Orp there is the section “Real Estate” under which private individuals can place their housing advertisements.

In case of problems: The Lucerne Tenants’ Association

And now to the unpleasant things: If you have any problems with property management or your neighborhood in your new home, it is best to contact the Lucerne Tenants’ Association. Because they know all about legal issues and have an answer to all rental questions. Have a look at their blog, there you will find numerous useful articles about living and your rights as a tenant.

Information: If the move to Lucerne is imminent, you can find the most important addresses in Lucerne here.