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A lot of effort for the move out cleaning? From a short survey, it turned out that most people estimate the effort to clean a flat ready for acceptance to be 7 – 8 hours. We at MOVU have already accompanied thousands of moving cleanings and therefore know: A final cleaning takes on average longer than estimated – around 20 working hours. One reason for this is that an extremely large number of objects that are never cleaned otherwise have to be cleaned.


With MOVU you profit from the contingency insurance. Should the booked cleaning company be unavailable, you can book an equivalent cleaning company for the day of the removal cleaning for the same price. In addition, all our cleaning companies are quality-tested and promise an acceptance guarantee. If you need assistance in comparing offers and selecting cleaning companies, our Move Captains are always available free of charge with valuable tips. Start an inquiry now, lean back and enjoy the last days in your old home.


It is best to start an inquiry now. Within a few hours, you will receive 5 free offers from local cleaning companies.

MOVU is the right partner for the move out cleaning in Baar

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MOVU works only with quality-tested cleaning companies. The cleaning firms are tested, insured and registered in the commercial register.


All our partner cleaning companies offer only fixed prices and guarantee acceptance. So you can always be sure that everything will work out fine when you hand over the goods. If it should happen that a subsequent cleaning is necessary, the cleaning company will do it without extra costs.


With MOVU you only need to make one inquiry to receive 5 offers free of charge and without obligation. You can compare them directly online and save valuable time. Leave the exhausting tasks to MOVU.


If you also need disposal directly with your final cleaning, the cleaning company will be happy to do it for you. Simply contact MOVU to clarify whether we can combine disposal directly with your final cleaning. If you prefer to take care of the disposal yourself, you can find out from the municipality of Baar where the appropriate waste collection point is located for you.

Interesting tips for the move in Baar

  1. Report any damage caused by you in advance: If there is any damage to your home, report it early to your insurance company and the administration.
  2. You are moving within Baar: Report your new address to the Residents’ Registration Office so that your address can be changed in the Residents’ Register.
  3. Don’t forget to clean the technical equipment: Technical equipment must not only be clean but also function properly. For example, check the interior lighting in the fridge and the oven.