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Canton Fribourg: Border between the German and French language area

Picture of a bridge in Fribourg where the van for your move could drive through.

The canton of Fribourg is one of the officially bilingual cantons, along with the cantons of Berne and Valais. Almost 69% of the inhabitants speak French and just under 28% belong to the German-speaking part. The capital is also called Fribourg and is sometimes referred to as Freiburg im Üechtland. The canton is also characterized by the situation on the border between the German and French-speaking areas.


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The canton of Fribourg is surprisingly Roman Catholic in character as it is surrounded by the predominantly Protestant cantons of Bern and Vaud. An exception is the northwest in the Lake District of Neuchâtel, where the majority of the population is Protestant. The reason for this is that until 1798 the area was a common dominion of Fribourg and Bern.

Announcing spring with fire and flames

View of the city of Fribourg (Freiburg) with sunshine.

A typical tradition in the city of Fribourg is the Bolzenfasnacht. Bolzen is the name of the dialect in the lower town. It is a mixture of Swiss German, French, and German. The highlight of the carnival is the burning of the “Grand Rababous”. This figure embodies the evil of this world and depending on how well it burns, a more beautiful or worse summer is predicted.


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The canton of Fribourg is proud of its three different holiday regions: The Prealps, the Seeland, and the city. The city of Fribourg boasts a wealth of historical sights and is both a university town and a business center. Finally, Fribourg is a cultural bridge between the French and German-speaking parts of Switzerland.


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Top sights in Fribourg:

  1. HR Giger Museum: In Gruyère, science fiction lovers (especially alien movies) can view fascinating works by HR Giger.
  2. Old town: the old town of Fribourg has a medieval character and most of it is enclosed on three sides by the Saane. It is worth visiting the country’s largest historic old town.
  3. La Maison du Gruyère: If you like cheese, you should definitely visit this cheese dairy. In the show dairy, you can watch how the “King” of Swiss cheese is made.
  4. Murten Museum: This museum is located in the old town mill, which makes it a picturesque location. Here you can admire a collection of objects that show the 6000-year history of Murten in Canton Fribourg.