The coronavirus is currently the number one issue and our customer service team is not standing still. We are often asked whether the booked move or cleaning will take place as planned or not. In this article we have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions about moving and the coronavirus. 

A woman disinfects her hands

Will my removal or cleaning take place despite the coronavirus?

Yes – Even if a national state of emergency has already been declared, services can still be done. If a ban on going out is imposed, we will provide further information and adjust our guidelines accordingly.

Despite the state of emergency, the service companies (painters, carpenters, removals etc.) are currently allowed to continue working. Since removals and cleaning rarely involve more than 5-6 people, the service is not covered by the current measures of the federal government or individual cantons.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

At the moment the normal cancellation policy according to our terms and conditions applies. In general, we recommend that you postpone the services and not cancel them. As soon as the situation calms down, the request will be very high and prices will skyrocket accordingly. If you are unsure, please contact our Customer Care Team on 044 505 15 14.

What security measures do the removal and cleaning companies take?

The companies have been instructed by us to follow the generally applicable safety and hygienic standards. Please note that masks do not provide protection against infection and disinfectants are currently difficult to obtain. For this reason, please allow company employees to wash their hands regularly to achieve optimum protection.

What is the correct procedure when moving?

Please be on site on the day of the move for the organization when the move begins and at the end to check the work done. During the move you can stay in your new home to avoid personal contact. It is important that you are available for the company by telephone.

I feel sick – what should I do now?

If you have symptoms, please stay away from moving or cleaning service. If this is not possible, please contact our Customer Care to postpone the booking. Customer Care phone number: 044 505 15 14.